Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Mya - And So It Begins

COMPLETELY out of the blue, I receive an email today from Grace Shelton at A Helping Hand (AHH) regarding Mya -- the little girl I requested information on in June.

I went through my past emails of families that were interested in Mya and came across yours. I am sorry to let you know that Mya's match fell through and we are now looking for her forever home again. I do not know what your status may be at this time or if you would at all still be interested but I thought I would let you know of her availability and see if you might be interested. I have attached her photos again in the event you need a reminder of this cutie's face. If you are interested please let me know and I would be happy to work with you in submitting your application for her.

Still interested?!?! ohmygosh ... YES!! My head says no, you've already come this far with another agency, but my heart says YES, she's always been yours. This is meant to be. I called Mike to share the news, and of course, I emailed Grace back immediately to let her know that we are most definitely still interested. This is going to mean a lot more paperwork, but we'll do whatever is needed to make this happen! Praise God for this joyful news!

Monday, September 25, 2006

September Accomplishments

The paperchase is STILL on! The social worker came for our Home Study visit this month and she interviewed us all as a family, the boys as a group, and Mike and I individually. The boys were so nervous -- Sullivan COULD NOT sit still and he couldn't quit smiling:). Sawyer volunteered to take the lead, which eased some of the pressure for Hagan and Sullivan. They were all wonderful and were very open to talking with Stacie. Stacie thinks they're great boys (and they are) -- I couldn't be more proud!
  1. 9/5/06 -- Mike applied for passport

  2. 9/7/06 -- Jana applied for passport

  3. 9/13/06 -- Home Study Visit with the Family (a lot of nervous energy leading up to this -- you never know what Sullivan might say:)!

  4. 9/15/06 -- Home Study sent by Adoption Assistance for Review

  5. 9/19/06 -- Home Study by me and changes forwarded for final copy

  6. 9/25/06 -- CCAI approved our Home Study! It will be in the mail tomorrow!!