Sunday, October 26, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Maureen, so here goes:

Seven Things:

1. I am one of six children (three boys and three girls). Growing up, we shared one bathroom. It CAN be done. I'm married to Michael, who also happens to be one of six children (three boys and three girls).

2. There are only two things I cannot (or will not) eat: mayonnaise and canteloupe.

3. I was born in Vilsek, Germany. Yup, I'm an Army brat.

4. We are in the midst of building our home (this is a first for us). I quickly discovered that I have champagne taste. And a beer budget.

5. My labor with my second son was 50 minutes, start to finish. SCARY because we almost didn't make it to the hospital. And on the mad rush to get there, as my husband was begging me not to push, he ran over a opposum.

6. I've never liked opposums.

7. There's no sweeter sound than that of children singing. It always makes me cry.

I am tagging:


Sunday, October 12, 2008

That's My Princess

We recently visited Dr. Taylor for Oakley's four-year-old check-up. Oakley loves Dr. Taylor, despite the fact the since she's had to endure many immunization shots while in her office.

After her physical exam, Dr. Taylor began to question Oakley about many things in order to determine if she is developmentally on target, which she so is! She had her count to 10 and in her excitement, Oakley forgot to stop at 10 and counted all the way to 40. She tested her on all of her colors and her shapes, and I think she was pleasantly surprised when Oakley correctly identified the diamond and oval along with all the other shapes. She asked about her favorite foods (thank goodness my girl threw in some fruits and vegetables along with McDonald's), and her favorite things to play.

Then the conversation took a turn ....

Dr. Taylor: Oakley, what do you always ride in while you're in the car?

Oakley: I ride in my car seat, with my buckles.

Dr. Taylor: Can you ride a bicycle?

Oakley: No, I'm still little. But I can ride a tricycle. It has three wheels.

Dr. Taylor: What do you always wear when you ride a tricycle?

Oakley glances at me for a little help.

Dr. Taylor: Oakley, don't look at your Mommy. Look at me. What do you always wear when you ride a tricycle.

Oh ... this is really a test for me. To see if I'm being a responsible parent.

Oakley: Ummm. Ummmmm. A tiara?

I just failed my responsible parent test.

Dr. Taylor: (trying really hard not to smile) "No, Oakley, that's not the right answer. A tiara won't protect your head."

Oakley: "Oh! A helmet!"

That's my girl.

Dr. Taylor: "That's right, Oakley. You should always wear a helmet when you ride your tricycle or a bicycle."

Oakley: "And a tiara."

That's my princess.