Sunday, October 12, 2008

That's My Princess

We recently visited Dr. Taylor for Oakley's four-year-old check-up. Oakley loves Dr. Taylor, despite the fact the since she's had to endure many immunization shots while in her office.

After her physical exam, Dr. Taylor began to question Oakley about many things in order to determine if she is developmentally on target, which she so is! She had her count to 10 and in her excitement, Oakley forgot to stop at 10 and counted all the way to 40. She tested her on all of her colors and her shapes, and I think she was pleasantly surprised when Oakley correctly identified the diamond and oval along with all the other shapes. She asked about her favorite foods (thank goodness my girl threw in some fruits and vegetables along with McDonald's), and her favorite things to play.

Then the conversation took a turn ....

Dr. Taylor: Oakley, what do you always ride in while you're in the car?

Oakley: I ride in my car seat, with my buckles.

Dr. Taylor: Can you ride a bicycle?

Oakley: No, I'm still little. But I can ride a tricycle. It has three wheels.

Dr. Taylor: What do you always wear when you ride a tricycle?

Oakley glances at me for a little help.

Dr. Taylor: Oakley, don't look at your Mommy. Look at me. What do you always wear when you ride a tricycle.

Oh ... this is really a test for me. To see if I'm being a responsible parent.

Oakley: Ummm. Ummmmm. A tiara?

I just failed my responsible parent test.

Dr. Taylor: (trying really hard not to smile) "No, Oakley, that's not the right answer. A tiara won't protect your head."

Oakley: "Oh! A helmet!"

That's my girl.

Dr. Taylor: "That's right, Oakley. You should always wear a helmet when you ride your tricycle or a bicycle."

Oakley: "And a tiara."

That's my princess.


ang :o) said...

That is hilarious! She has quite the personality and she just gets prettier everyday!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh Jana, that's just the sweetest post ever! What a special memory. And she looks so beautiful...just like te princess she is!


Stefanie said...

Oh, she IS such a princess, too!! What a beauty she is... inside and out :)

Emily said...

Too funny. She looks like such a beautiful princess with her tiara on!

Mission To Macie said...

Welcome back!

Sweet story........Oakley looks beautiful in her tiara!~

Jill and Macie

Leslie said...

LOL...I've got to meet this Incrediable Little Princess. She is so beautiful and funny too.

What a great post to always look back

Hope your life is slowing down or getting at least a little more normal for you.

Phillip said...

Wow. Oakley is so beautiful. I can't wait for Todd to meet her. We will be home December 8-15.


All 4 My Gals said...

That is so, so Oakley! :) Give my girl some loving from us. HUGS

Kelly said...

Too funny!! The tiara is so cute on her.

I love reading your blog and I really enjoy your princess and her funny comments (I'm still chuckling over the comment this summer at the lake).

Good to see you back blogging - I hope you are all doing well.

Best Wishes,
Kelly O'Rourke

Chris and Deb said...

What an adorable story......and the princess is so adorable, as usual! I am so glad you are back Jana! What a fun surprise to see your comment today! Loved the story of the cats in the baby buggy too! :) LOL!

Adam and Cynthia said...

What a precious girl! She is such a sweetie.....and that smile!

I hope that baby wears a tiara every day of her life!

Whitty's Four said...


I love your tiara! Do you want to trade? Can you come over and play tomorrow?
My mom says you look so pretty.I think so too!!But now I am so sad, Mom says you live to far, so I guess tomorrow is off.
Thank-you so much for the birthday present,I wanted to call,but my mom is working to much. We loved it!!

I love you Oakley,
Your friend,
Caeleigh Whitt

Anonymous said...

Oakley looks so grown up in her
tiara. How is the new house and
job going? Being a working mom
is very difficult at times.
Best wishes...Mary

Donna said...

Yippee...I have missed you and your pics & stories of Princess Oakley! So glad to "hear" from you again. She is looking just adorable!

I wanted to tag you on my blog the other day but Jill told me you were moving. So I gave you a free pass. I'd still love to hear your 7 interesting things! Okay, consider yourself tagged! Go to my blog (a post or two down) for details. :)


Emily said...

that is so funny and cute!!!!!!
miss you and love you!

David and Sarah said...

She is just too cute!

Joe and Jane said...

Hilariously funny! Oh, what responses!

At Jia's three year, our doctor asked, "Did you brush your teeth this morning? What color is your toothpaste?" Thankfully Jia answered "yes" and "pink" but it was definitely a test for the parents!

Felicia said...

Such a cute conversation. You may just have to hot glue a tiara on her helmet :)

Our family: said...

Hi Jana,

We have been following your blog for about a year now. Sarah S. first showed it to us when we started our adoption journey about a year ago. My daughters and I are BIG fans of Oakley! We love your posts and photos. It brings us joy every time we see that radiant smile beaming out of your beautiful girl.

God is so good!


Maureen said...

Olivia would have given the EXACT SAME answer!

Oh...and you've been tagged! Check here for more details:

strandfam said...

She is TOO cute for words and oh so beautiful!
Love to you

3 Peanuts said...

These are the CUTEST photos of Oakley! Love the tiara and the story and her smile:)


Keri said...

I read this to James and we were laughing outloud! What a funny girl and what a pretty, pretty, princess!


Cecelia said...

A girl, I mean princess, after my own heart...