Friday, December 1, 2006

We Are DTC!

That's right, folks! Our Dossier is on it's way to China, and I have to admit, after months of gathering all these documents, it's not easy to turn them over, even into capable hands. It's strange but even though I feel somewhat like I just finished a Final Exam (let's celebrate!), I also feel like I've just lost an appendage. Things are completely out of our control now and we wait. We wait for our Log In Date (LID) and our Travel Approval (TA) to arrive so we can bring Oakley home!

Please remember our family in your prayers and pray for a speedy TA!

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Beckyb said...

I will be praying - I keep thinking that our God can move mountains - he can easy move pieces of paper!! Let's get little Oakley home soon - AND, we get to see Caeleigh in TWO days!! Can't wait!! :)