Monday, July 31, 2006

July Accomplishments

The paperchase is on!! We're off to gather all the documents and information we need to complete our Home Study and our Dossier. Here's a summary of our July accomplishments:

  1. 7/4/06 -- Mailed application to Adoption Assistance, Inc. for Home Study

  2. 7/12/06 -- Mailed application to CCAI

  3. 7/19/06 -- Mailed State Police criminal check forms

  4. 7/20/06 -- Mailed Child/Spouse Abuse registry checks for Jana, Mike, Sawyer

  5. 7/24/06 -- Received notice from CCAI that our application was received

  6. 7/31/06 -- Sent Record Check to CCAI in lieu of local Police Clearance Report
... and that's just the beginning:)!

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