Sunday, August 5, 2007

Best Friends Reunited

Two beautiful little girls once shared their daily lives in an orphanage in China. Just a month apart in age, they lived in the same social welfare institute and according to their nannies, they became best friends.

As fate would have it, at the age of 2 1/2 they would both be adopted, within months of each other, by American families using the same agency -- one living in Iowa and the other living in Kentucky. Caeleigh was adopted in March and we received Oakley in May. While I celebrated Caeleigh's Gotcha Day with her forever family from afar, I mourned Oakley's loss of her best friend as she waited a few more months for our arrival.

Yesterday these two little girls were reunited! The Whitts were in town visiting family and they set aside some time to come and visit us. What a wonderful day it was! Oakley and Caeleigh share a very special bond. I thank God that they had each other in China, that He orchestrated our paths crossing, and that as parents, we recognize the need for them to maintain their relationship.

I told Oakley Friday evening that Caeleigh was coming to visit, and I honestly think she understood. She ran to retrieve her photo album, opened the page to Caeleigh's picture, and said, "Ku Xinke, Oakley's room, play tea." She was so excited yesterday morning and when Hagan announced that they were here, she ran to the window to peer out.

And oh, the joy in their little faces!! Oakley radiated with happiness and she repeatedly said to me throughout the visit, "Mama, Ku Xinke," as if she just couldn't really believe she was here! It was an emotional reunion for me, although I hadn't expected it to be. It's so amazing to know that just a short period of time ago they were living in an orphanage together, and now they are living with their respective forever families and are both loved and adored!

They held hands, hugged, kissed, played dolls, had a tea party, and celebrated their reunion with lunch, cake and ice cream. Thanks, Karen and Jeff, for bringing the cake -- what a sweet (and delicious) and thoughtful gesture, which was much enjoyed by all!!

I love these little girls and I love the friendship they share. Thank you to the Whitts for making time to come and visit. I feel such a kinship with this family -- our girls, are in fact, sisters in heart, and I look forward to them growing up together. So much of their past is lost to us, and to them, but they will always have each other -- best friends.


Marla said...

Awww, I am crying tears of joy for these two precious girls who probably thought they would never see one another again. The love they have for each other is evident in their little faces. I imagine they are bonded for life, good for them!


Beckyb said...

I have been waiting to see this post since I knew Whitt's were coming. All I can say is that I totally understand - when our girls all met up this summer for our reunion - it was the VERY same - they acted like they had never been apart. We will never understand that bond, I am convinced, but I am also convinced that we, as parents, need to keep it for as long as we can - for them!! God Bless!

Lisa Porter said...

What an exciting day for those two adorable girls! I am so very glad it came about and I hope, for everyone's sake, that they can continue to keep in touch.

It is overwhelming to think about how life has changed for these two girls. I wish them both full lives filled with love, and joy and happiness. They deserve it ALL.


Jennifer said...

Oh Jana,
I am overwhelmed.
Look at how Oakley BEAMS with pride... look at how happy they are... it is so evident that they LOVE each other.

What a blessing that you could bring these two girls back together again - to show them that they are safe, they are home... and that they still have each other, as well. Such good closure for both of them to know that their old "lives" may have ended... but that even though they are with their forever families... their friendship will continue. The light in their eyes is captivating. Love can make SUCH A DIFFERENCE...!
Your family is beautiful!!!!

Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

Hi I am a Guate Momma who is addicted to your BLOG...and this story mad e me grab a box of tissue...WOW how awesome is this and that Oakley seemed to remember her...I think it is wonderful that the girls share this bond. By the way I love the name Oakley...Hugs Candy and Kya Blu Angelica

Karen Whitt said...


You are very gifted at communicating. When we got home from Kentucky,(Sunday) I could not wait to read your blog. You did a great job! I loved reading it and seeing these precious pictures.

Thank you so much for allowing us to come to your home. It was incredible bringing these two friends together. You have to love those smiles.

We had a great time. Oakley is sweet and so special. We loved her. Jeff and I both feel God has some special plans for that little girl.I only wish we lived closer.

We will talk to you soon. Much love to your family and to that precious daughter. You are also a great cook.Thanks for the great meal.

Karen,Jeff and our beloved Caeleigh

Adam and Cynthia Farley said...

How precious! What an amazing journey these two have been on!

Thanks for the pictures!

Nicole said...

OH how beautiful! God is truly bringing amazing journies into Oakley's life. I'm still in IN and was so excited to come here and hear about Oakley's reunion. Amazing...once again our girl brings tears to my eyes!

Mom of 5 said...

What amazing pictures !!
Love the smiles on those girls. To think how different our girls lives are...
What a blessing you could get together.

The Ferrill's said...

How absolutely precious Jana. What a blessing for Oakley to be able to reconnect with her sweet friend!

Lilly said...

Your post made me cry! What precious children!

Lori said...

What a sweet story, these two are so precious together! How wonderful that they could be together again!!

Kimber said...

Wow, that is absolutely wonderful! How lucky that they will be able to keep in touch throughout their loves.


Somewhere In The Sun said...

What a beautiful story. I read it through tears!