Friday, September 7, 2007

Number One Fan

All three of my boys play soccer, so Oakley spends a LOT of time at the soccer field. Seriously, we have soccer at least six days out of seven, and generally we're shuffling around to multiple games and practice sessions. Oakley doesn't seem to mind (yet) and she's certainly the boys' Number One Fan.

She cheers for them throughout the game, even during half-time, and even if they don't happen to actually be IN the game.

"Go, Sawyer!"

"Woo Hoo, Hagan!"

"Good Job, Sullivan!"

Her repertoire is somewhat limited, but very spirited and very heartfelt.

It's been 90 degrees plus at most every game, so she's generally a sweaty mess. She has a great time, however. Especially if the concession stand is open. And especially if there's pizza.

Sawyer plays varsity for his high school team and she knows most all of his teammates by name. They ALL know her; she's somewhat become the team mascot. And I will admit, she's already a little partial to the dark-headed boys and she calls out to them long after they're out of hearing range.The boys are all looking forward to the day that she puts on her own uniform and scores her first goal. They are ASSUMING she's going to play soccer. I've tried to tell them she may prefer dance or gymnastics. They're not going for it.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now, and I wanted to say how wonderful Oakley is! She is so sweet! I also wanted to tell you how much I love the photos you take of her. I think you are really talented, beacuse your photos are incredibly awesome! Just like Oakley!

Jana said...


Thanks for your kind words! We think Oakley's pretty awesome, as well. And we're glad to have you follow along!


Lilly said...

Oakley is so beautiful! You always take such amazing pictures of her. Of course, it can't be too hard when your subject is a model. ;-) Maybe she can do dance and soccer? Heehee.


Beckyb said...

Chloe TOTALLY understands - her life is hockey for the boys! But she is much the same - always willing - BUT the popcorn at the concession stand helps too!!!

The Ferrill's said...

Jana these are beautiful pics! I love the action shot and the one of Oakley sitting on the ball!
We are living at the soccer field these days too. My four oldest children are all playing! Woo hoo! Kimmie and Quan are quickly learning what the phrase "we gotta go to soccer ball practice" means!
I think Oakley would look adorable in some pink shin guards and cleats! My two girls take dance AND play soccer!

Jennifer said...

Jana -
You were right! That was an ADORABLE picture of her on the soccer ball. She is such a cutie... I just can't believe sometimes the difference in her now - and her a year ago! It's amazing what love can do...


check out Krystal's blog. She shows her niece doing a full layout flip - and she's 7 I think.

Hope Oakley is feeling better!!!

Adam and Cynthia Farley said...

Her smile is the most beautiful sight! And check out that boy of yours in "motion"!!!!

She is just precious!

Lori said...

Very sweet, I'm sure those guys love having her cheer them on! She's adorable and has a beautiful smile! :D

Nikki & Larry said...

I drop by quite often to read your blog and I think Oakley is a beautiful little girl!! I love the picture of her on the soccer ball!!

Your pictures are stunning and I can't wait to have my own little princess to snap pictures of!!

Smiles! :o)

Mindy said...

I have adored reading about Oakley's journey since day 1 and I get so excitied when you update her page. She is an amazing little girl - so expressive with her eyes! - and I wish her all the best in the upcoming days.

Leslie said...

Your pictures of so great. Thanks for keeping us all updated on your kids, and always showing Oakley's smile. It's beautiful.

ang :o) said...

I LOVE the photo of her sitting on the soccer ball! so cute. Great photos. She is a beauty. I just lover her dimple. Happy Birthday Oakley!

Ken & Mystina said...

Such a happy girl with a very beautiful smile. Happy Birthday Oakley. We hope you have a great time.

Mystina, Ken, Micah and Olivia Zummach