Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SNOW Day!!

FINALLY, a snow day where the kids actually got to play in the snow. They were out yesterday because it snowed about four inches Tuesday evening. But by morning, rain had set in and it poured all day long. Sullivan was devastated because he had banked on sledding all day and it was a mushy, gushy, icy mixture. NOT a day for playing outside.

The temperatures dropped last night and all that rain froze. The roads were icy and treacherous this morning, thus schools were closed again today. I had planned on going in to work, but Oakley woke up with a low grade fever, a cough, and a nasty nose. I decided to stay home today with all the kids, and much to our surprise, it snowed pretty much all day long.

The boys were elated and as they began to get their snow gear on, Oakley begged to join them. I promised her we'd go out for one run down the hill and when I brought her little brown snow pants out (still with the tags on), she was thrilled!

"I SO HAPPY for my snow pants!" she shouted.

The boys were out for hours, but Oakley and I only lasted about 30 minutes. She rode the saucers down the hill with me and her brothers several times, and she was such a trooper!! It's pretty steep and I thought she'd be terrified, but she laughed like crazy. It's quite a hike back up the hill and after a few runs, she complained that her legs were tired. I don't think she was feeling all that well either, because on the way back to the house, without any prompting, she informed me that she was a little bit tired.

So we had lunch and she went down for her nap. The boys came in later, soaking wet, faces red, and grinning ear-to-ear. They were all ready for some hot chocolate and warm clothes.

We've been praying for a big snow fall all winter long, and although we didn't get a lot of accumulation, at least we got the chance to enjoy it for the day!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, the top photo took my breath away. Oakley is so beautiful. She looks like a model baby. So any plans/thoughts to bring her home a little sister? :)


Jake and Taryn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first picture of Oakley! She is such a doll...and has the most adorable "snow outfit" on that I have ever seen! She is sooo cute!

We got the very same storm as you all and our dogs just couldn't get enough! It was so nice to see some snow! :) Glad you all had a wonderful day in it!

The Ferrill's said...

Oh, I'm cold just looking at the pics! AWESOME, beautiful pictures, by the way!
I'm so glad Oakley got to have some fun in the snow! I can imagine those boys running in all red faced and excited! I have some of those around my house, ya know! Love 'em!
Sure hope she's feeling better!

Jennifer said...

It looks like everyone had so much fun!!! And Oakley looks so tiny... either it's the big coat... or standing next to Sawyer!!! Absolutely adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you planning in the future
getting a sister for Oakley?
Have you given it any thought?
Curious like Shelby!

Leslie said...

She is a fashionista even when she is out sleding. Jana, you dress her so darn cute. I also love the first photo as well. So so precious.

Stefanie said...

Fantastic pictures... Oakley is just gorgeous :)
Yeah, ARE you thinking of a mei mei for Oakley? Curious minds wanna know! ;)

Somewhere In The Sun said... looks so cold! But I know they had fun! LOVE that coat!


Anonymous said...

Jana, where did you get Oakley's is so cute? Mary

Jana said...


I ordered her coat off e-bay -- search for Corky and Company. It was half of what it costs in any children's boutique. She has a pink one too, that's a little different, but just as cute!


Mommy-To-Channing said...

Too cute for words!!! Love her jacket!!! Channing LOVES to play in the snow, even when it is minus 40 outside!!!