Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Keeneland's Breakfast with the Works

I love Keeneland. It's arguably the most beautiful race track in the country. They host a very popular Breakfast with the Works program every Saturday morning during their spring and fall meets. This year, for the first time, we took advantage of it. I can't BELIEVE it's taken me this long to attend!

We joined Melissa and Sophie early Saturday morning to take it all in.

Sophie is one of Oakley's dearest friends. They get along beautifully and they have so much in common. Not only are they the same age, they are both from China, and they resided in the same welfare institute. We have photos of them taken together when they were just babies -- sitting in their little bamboo chairs in Zhangzhou.

I cherish their friendship and the bond they are creating. I also cherish my friendship with Melissa, Sophie's Mom. She's not only a great parent, she's a great friend, she's funny, and she's witty! We always seem to have a good time when we're together! So we planned a morning at the track. 7am came early ... and it was still dark outside! But it was so worth it to get to experience the sunrise, sights and sounds of Keeneland at Breakfast with the Works.

We watched world-famous Thoroughbreds workout in preparation for their next big race, listened to trackside commentary, enjoyed a delicious breakfast and the girls got to participate in free children's activities.

Thanks to Melissa and Sophie for rising so early
to join us. We had a FABULOUS time!


3 Peanuts said...

It is nice to see you blogging again. Thank you for the sweet comment. Kate cannot wait to meet the princesses either:) She also thinks they live in the castel!

ang :o) said...

I'm so glad you're back! What a fun event. Oakley is as cute as ever.

Thanks for the kind comments on my blog.

Sarah said...

How fun! I accidentally clicked on your blog (from my favorites) and was so happy to see your post. What a couple of precious ZhangZhou sweethearts!

Blessings to you!

Lindy said...

So happy to see you blogging. Oakley looks so grown up! Glad you can keep in touch with your friends and had such a fun day. Would love to read an update on your sweet girl! Happy New Year!