Friday, October 13, 2006

New Photos!!

We received new photos of Mya today. Bless her heart ... she looks so sad. And they've shaved her little head. I understand why ... to reduce the risk of lice and for ease of care ... but it seems like one more indignity she has to suffer. I understand that some agencies will start to let their hair grow once they know a family is coming ... I hope this is the case. I'm ready to go get her NOW!!

She looks so much thinner without all those layers of clothes on. I've magnified the photos as much as possible so I can study her little hands and toes. Sawyer likes the way she tucks her bottom lip in and Sullivan likes her Mickey Mouse sandals! She's ADORABLE!!

We STILL haven't decided on a name for her, although we'll definitely use Xin, her Chinese name as her middle name. We have a top four list (for now):
  1. Willow

  2. Tatum (Tate for short)

  3. Hadley

  4. Ramsey
We can't seem to reach a family consensus, so we'll continue searching for the perfect name.

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