Thursday, October 12, 2006

She's Ours!

The committee was scheduled to meet this evening and Grace promised to call me as soon as the meeting was over to let me know the findings. My phone rang late this afternoon and I was surprised to see AHH's telephone number. I thought they must need clarification on one of the forms or some additional information. I was shocked when she said the committee had decided to meet early. WE'VE BEEN MATCHED WITH MYA!!

Here's what we know about her as reported at 18 months of age:

  • Her Chinese name is Dang Xin Xiang. The given surname, Dang, is usually somewhat arbitrary, after the orphanage or its director.

  • Her birth date is August 20, 2004 (Our Wedding Anniversary!), so she will be about 2 1/2 years old when we bring her home.

  • She resides at the Social Welfare Institute of Zhangzhou City, an orphanage in the Fujian Province.

  • She is 84 cm (33 in) tall and weighs 12 kg (26 lbs). She is in the 98th percentile on the Chinese growth chart and in the 92nd percentile on the American growth chart. Not being a family of significant height (TRULY), Sawyer noted how ironic it would be if she ends of being taller than any of us:)!

  • She can stand steadily and walk freely by herself. She can take building blocks out of a cup and use two pieces of blocks to knock at each other. She is cooperative when "being put on clothes and take off unlined clothes and socks." (I love the translations!)

  • She can imitate speaking and can speak three to five words. She responds to other's asking for her belongings.

  • She has breakfast at 6:30, lunch at 11:30 and supper at 5:30. Her staple food is congee and her snacks consist of egg, fruit, milk powder blended with rice cereal, and biscuits.

  • She is active and has a ready smile (I can't wait to see it -- I have a feeling it's going to light up our world)!

  • Her favorite toys are a doll and a rattle.
I can't begin to tell you how thrilled and humbled we are to be entrusted with this precious girl. I thank God for His hand and love and for His ability to make all things possible. We will do everything in our power to ensure we reach her as quickly as possible.

On a side note .... Hagan and I did the happy dance:)!

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