Monday, January 29, 2007

Favorite Finds

Okay ... this is REALLY fun!! It's so exciting to be able to shop for little girl things. I LOVE my boys, but you have to admit, girl clothes are so much cuter ... and so much more plentiful! I have really refrained from buying too much too soon. Oakley now has a few things hanging in her closet, and although we haven't really started on her room, I have found a few things I just couldn't resist.

In preparation for her arrival, we moved Sawyer downstairs to my overflow scrapbooking workspace. I think he really likes his new digs ... it's away from his brothers and he has a little more privacy (but not too much)! We redid Sawyer's old room for Hagan and it turned out beautifully. He's a cowboy at heart and his room suits him well! I'll post pictures of all the bedrooms soon so you can admire Mike's handiwork. He's an AWESOME painter!

Sullivan is moving to Hagan's old room and he'll share a jack and jill bath with Oakley. Mike put up a chair rail last week and he's in the process of painting now. We're going to have it together just in time for Sullivan's big birthday party/
sleep-over this weekend! He's so very excited.

THEN .... we'll begin on Oakley's room. I bought her a distressed white sleigh bed at the Pottery Barn outlet and it matches the nightstand she's inheriting from Sullivan perfectly. I purchased her quilt (the doll dress quilt from Land of Nod) off ebay, for a bargain price, and we've selected pink and brown as the color scheme for her walls (it's one of my favorite color combinations). I have the room mapped out in my mind; now making it come to fruition will be the challenge!

Anyway .... her are some of my favorite finds so far:
  1. an adorable bunny lamp for her nightstand -- I'm going to add little white pom poms to match her duvet cover and pillow sham

  2. her Magnolia doll -- There is a Chinese Legend that says when a child is born there are invisible red threads connecting her to all the important people in her life, and as she grows these threads become shorter, drawing her closer to these special people. In Magnolia's pocket is a red thread, personally selected by Marcia (the doll maker) when she went to China to meet her daughter. As she chose the thread, Marcia said a prayer of blessing for all little children waiting for their "forever family".

  3. a precious doll dress quilt to keep her warm and toasty at night

  4. this too cute bathing suit -- I'm hoping we can take her swimming at the hotel in China! Not that I'm anxious to put on a bathing suit (ugghhhh!), but I think it's a great opportunity for skin-to-skin contact, which will promote bonding, and it should be fun and non-intrusive. I'm hoping for the best!
Have I mentioned that I'm having fun?!?!


Leslie said...


I can't wait to see how Oakley's room turns out. Her bathing suit is way to cute for words. I love her darling lamp as well. You better get busy on that room, she will be here before you know it.

Leslie in Shelbyville

Nicole said...

At last a little girl's room for you to decorate. WOW!