Thursday, June 1, 2006

The Decision to Grow Our Family

For many years Michael and I have maintained that our family is complete. We have three beautiful, talented, bright, spirited and loving boys -- Sawyer is 15, Hagan is 10 and Sullivan is 6. However, early this summer I felt the longing for a little girl and I heard God whispering to me His plan for our family.

After many nights of research and my every thought consumed with the possibility of growing our family through adoption, I finally approached Michael with the idea. When he said he was "totally open to the possibility," I was shocked. Are we worried? Yes ... isn't every expecting parent? However, we are thrilled beyond words, as are our boys. And we know that God is guiding us and that He will help prepare us emotionally, financially and spiritually as we travel this journey of faith.

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