Thursday, April 5, 2007

Our Special Sauce

It's been a REALLY hard week for me. Many families posted on Monday that they received LOA, some with log in dates a full three weeks later than ours. I'm so happy for all who received good news -- happy that these babies will soon be united with their forever families. But I found myself fighting back tears with every post -- my heart aches for Oakley and I'm ready for the journey! I knew the wait would be hard, but I had NO IDEA how difficult. I called my agency on Tuesday to ask if they'd notify me when they receive their next package from China. I'm praying there's something in there for us, but good news or bad, at least I'll KNOW. Grace assured me that she would contact me.

We have believed from the beginning that God is preparing our family for Oakley, and Oakley for us. I completely trust that all things will happen in His time, although lately, I seem to lose sight of this in the midst of my little pity parties. Today I received the following story from a fellow Mom, who is adopting from the same orphanage as we are. Congratulations, Mystina, on the arrival of your LOA, and thank you for putting things in perspective for me.


I was sitting at the drive-through window at McDonald's this weekend. I did the usual thing; I drove up to the menu and ordered. I proceeded to the first window and paid, then drove to the second window and waited for the order. After sitting there for a few minutes, the clerk slid back the window and asked, "Will you please pull over to the side; your order is not ready."

I was a little upset and even impatient, but I pulled over and waited. I thought, "How come other folks ordered and drove straight through and I have to wait." I waited for another two or three minutes. It seemed like hours. Just as I was about to give up and drive away, the clerk finally ran out, tapped on the window, and handed me the order.

Of course I asked , Hey, what took so long?"

She replied, "You wanted the Special Sauce, which meant that it had to be specially made for the sandwich, it doesn't usually come with that one."

This scene is a reflection of our prayer life. We made our request to the Lord. Our menu is His word, where He has listed promise after promise. We stand before Him and request and plead and, sometimes, even beg.

We go to the first window and pay, sometimes with fervent prayer, sometimes with prolonged suffering, sometimes with obedience, and sometimes not at all. We then move to the second window and wait for our order. If God doesn't answer within a few minutes, we become upset. You know the phrase, "Jesus, it's 5:00 p.m. Friday; I prayed to You yesterday, and You still haven't answered. I can't wait much longer." Why is it taking Him so long? I've seen people drive up before me and they received their orders right away! We even go so far as to tap on the window and ask if He has forgotten our order. We become impatient. We become upset. We become downright mad.

Lord, I asked for a mate ten days ago and I don't see him/her anywhere.

Lord, I've been asking for a new job for two years; others have passed me by!

I've been waiting on a financial blessing for ten years; others have passed me by!

Where are You and why haven't you blessed me?

Just when you think He is giving you the answer, He pulls back the royal curtain of Eternity, and states, "Please pull over to the side and wait a while longer." This one frustrated me to no end, made me mad, made me want to give up, made me want to holler; that is, until the clerk brought out my sandwich...Then, the revelation became clear.

Do you know why the Lord has put you on the side?

Do you know why you have had to wait for this blessing longer than before?

Do you know why He has put you through more this time than ever?

Do you know why it seems like you have had to go through more tears, more pains, and more struggling this time?

Because this blessing is a Special Sauce Blessing! This is an Overflowing, Pressed Down, and Shaken Together Blessing! You made a Special Order and God has been putting together a Special Sauce Blessing for you and He has to prepare it for you!

That mate you wanted ... He's putting together a Special Sauce!

That job you wanted . . . He's putting together a Special Sauce!

That financial blessing . . . He's putting together a Special Sauce!

That peace on the job . . . He's putting together a Special Sauce!

That deeper anointing . . . He's putting together a Special Sauce!

That promotion . . . . He's putting together a Special Sauce!

That Baby Girl.......... He's putting together a Special Sauce!

For I know the thoughts I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you hope and a future......Jeremiah 29:11.

How many people have driven away before the clerk brought their food, and how many people have missed their blessings because they did not wait? Hang on in there. Keep on waiting. You made a Special Order, now wait on God's Special Sauce!

"But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint."...Isaiah 40:31.

They who wait shall receive a Special Sauce!

Our agency is closed tomorrow in celebration of Good Friday, so I don't have to jump every time my phone rings. This weekend I will make Oakley's memory board for her room, color eggs with my boys, celebrate the Easter Season and the rising of our Lord, rejoice in my blessings, and wait patiently as God prepares our Special Sauce.


Beckyb said...

That was absolutely amazing - I was wondering if you'd care if I used that on my blog sometime - it is WONDERFUL!!

The Ferrill's said...

Oh Jana how perfectly timely that message is for all of us. No matter what we are waiting on. I'm going to share it with others who are in the "Waiting Place" as I like to call it.
May we all draw upon His grace in this waiting place!
I'm praying for your LOA to arrive soon...I know God is working on Oakley's behalf!
Look forward to seeing your LOA post!
Happy Resurrection Day! Jesus is alive!

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful heart you have! This is a wonderful story and reminder for us all - especially this weekend! This part of your journey is truly the hardest - I pray for you daily. WAITING is truly excruciating! However, we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him ... and I firmly believe that God is preparing your hearts (here) as well as preparing Oakley's heart for this exciting change that is coming. We are praying for a good word soon on your LOA and TA...

Leslie said...

WOW Jana, that if so perfect and makes me a lot calmer now. Our special sauce will be so good when we finally have our chance. Praying for you and me and our girls. Also praying we will get to travel together.


Spencer said...

Dear Jana
I have been reading your blog and I LOVE the pictures of Oakley. I want to learn "I Love You" in Chinese so when Oakley comes home I say that to her. I am going to give my Dick and Jane book to her. I will read it to her and it might help her to learn English. It is a good book for toddlers. She is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen!

I love you!

LIZ said...

Found your blog through "Catching Butterflies". Your Oakley is just beautiful! Praying you receive your LOA and TA very soon!

Nicole said...

Beautiful Jana! I love you!!!!