Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Room for Oakley

It's not quite finished, but here's a little preview of Oakley's new room. The window treatments aren't in, her memory board needs a little more adornment, and I still need chairs for her little table. But we've made a lot of progress!

Her Daddy put up the chair rail, painted the old hutch and painted her walls. He had to put four coats of the pink paint on ... yup, FOUR coats! I love the colors, and although the room still looks a little stark to me, once we get her window treatments up, I think it will all come together.

Her dresser was the first antique I ever bought. I found it in a little shop downtown when I was in high school and I refinished it myself.

And I spotted the hutch in a little Mom & Pop Diner one day when Mike and I were having lunch before we were married. Although it was being used to display antique dishware, the owners let us buy it right off the floor. We finished lunch, unloaded the hutch and carried it out of the restaurant as we left. It was covered in many coats of paint and Mike stripped it and refinished it. It graced our dining room when we first married, and it's been used in Sawyer's room, Hagan's room and Sullivan's room to store books, puzzles and games. Now it's painted again, and it stores a variety of Oakley's treasures, including her hat boxes!

These are a few of my favorite things:

  • the framed photo of Oakley and Caeleigh on her nightstand - Thanks, Karen!

  • her pillowcase with her name on it

  • her monogram wall hanging -- I found the cute pink matted frames and used my Creative Memories supplies (cutting system and monogram sticker letters) to create a monogram wall hanging.

  • pom poms - on her duvet cover and sham -- on her lampshade -- and you'll see more pom poms on her window treatements

  • her memory board -- made to cover a little door that provided access to attic storage. This door used to really scare Sullivan and we had to cover it up with a piece of furniture. I decided to create a memory board that fits perfectly in the door frame. Once I add polka-dot fabric covered buttons, it will be complete!
Without futher ado ... Oakley's new room. Now we just need Oakley home to fill it with love and a little girl's laughter.


Marla said...

Awwww Jana, I love it! The babydoll is soooo cute!


Meg said...

I LOVE her room! It is absolutely beautiful! I have the same duvet as her, only mine is green! I love it. You did a really great job! I can't wait to see Miss Oakley in her room!

Adam and Cynthia Farley said...

It's beautiful!!! I can't wait to see a picture of her lying in her bed...........those little black headed babies are awesome! You all did an amazing job!!

Love you

Mom-of-5 said...

How beautiful !!

Leslie said...

WOW Jana, you do such a wonderful job on her room. It's fit for your Princess for sure. Your very talented.


Karen Whitt said...

I loved her room.

It will not be long, enjoy the journey to China. It will be the trip of a lifetime.
Karen Whitt

Nicole said...

Her room is beautiful just like your little girl and her family. I can't wait to meet her! :)

Anonymous said...

I saw a peek into her bathroom in one of the pictures. I would love to see some photos of that, too. =]

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

Her room is BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE it. It's fit for a princess! I Can't wait to see her in it! And... CONGRATS ON YOUR LOA!!!

The Ferrill's said...

Great job on Oakley's room! It is so warm and inviting, she will love it I'm sure!