Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a blessed, peaceful and prosperous 2008!

Oakley and Sullivan were both up early this morning, even though Sullivan managed to stay awake to ring in the New Year. Michael worked all day yesterday but was able to get home late last night ... with just 5 seconds to spare until the big ball dropped. We celebrated in true family-fashion by getting a couple of movies and watching the neighborhood fireworks show at 12:01am. We intended to rent a few movies, but pulled into Blockbuster just as they were closing (early, in celebration of New Years). We ended up having to purchase a couple of movies from that Big Box Store that NEVER closes.

We had a wonderful 2007 and the highlight was most definitely bringing our sweet baby girl home! Here's wishing us all a wonderful 2008. May God grant us peace and continue to place in our hearts the spirit of giving throughout the year!

On that note, one of my favorite organizations - Love Without Boundaries - needs your help.

Love Without Boundaries is a worldwide group of volunteers who have realized that people with a pure love for helping children can truly make a difference. They donate their time and resources in an attempt to brighten the lives of orphaned children in China.

There is a new giving challenge on Facebook being sponsored by the Case Foundation. The charity that gets the most unique donors each day wins $1000, and the charity that has most unique donors total by February 1st wins Fifty Thousand Dollars. Yes, FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! Your $10 contribution could have a HUGE impact on these children. Please give to LWB and help them continue their work to help children in urgent care. Help them win $50,000 to help meet the needs of orphans in China.

Happy New Year!!


The Ferrill's said...

Happy New Year Jana! Oh I hope hope hope LWB wins!!!!! We love that charity!
Cute pics!

Nicole said...

Happy New Year honey! So fun seeing you guys yesterday. I will make a great effort to get over there one evening this week. What night would be best?

Anonymous said...

I understand that someone hacked
into the LWB site and caused some
major problems.......there are
some really terrible people in the
world,GO LWB everyone please give
just a donation of $10 and it will
count so much....We love our
beauty from China too.

A Mom- In-W8ing said...

Happy New Year to you too! I hope LWB wins; they are fantastic and deserve it!

Smiles! :o)

Anonymous said...

LWB won $1000 on 1/9,,,,,,,yes.
We have a beauty from China too.

Whitty's Four said...

I love that little Miss Oakley. She is a sweetie!!! I wished we could be closer too. But the best we can do is blog.Hopefully that will keep them connected until our visit this summer.

Our girls are the best!!
Karen and Caeleigh

PS. Caeleigh knows the letter W !!