Monday, March 3, 2008

Is There a Doctor in the House?

On a recent trip to the Explorium, our local children's museum, Oakley happened upon the nursery area, complete with a baby doll, a scale and a big black doctor's bag!! And there she remained ... for a long time.

She put on her lab coat, hung the stethoscope around her neck, and she went to work.

I guess she thought that baby doll was due for a thorough exam. That poor baby was prodded, bathed, weighed, and given multiple vaccinations. Then she had her ears examined repeatedly and her heartbeat checked over and over and over again.
Oakley LOVED that doctor bag. She also really likes band-aids and she can see non-existent boo boos that need to be tended. And if she catches anyone in the house taking medicine, she immediately claims to be sick and insists that she needs some too.

I like to think that maybe she has a future in the medical profession.

But I guess she could just be a hypochondriac.


Jennifer said...

Sooooo very cute! She is just a doll baby herself! I love the one of her checking the baby's ears.

Jennifer said...

PS... In photo #2... is that your purse laying on the floor in the background? We are going to have to get you a clapper to keep up with it. ;)

Stefanie said...

She looks like she's having the best time... a future doctor for sure!
I SO love her haircut, seeing her new do is a big reason I decided to get my girls' hair chopped! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love it! Cute, cute, cute. Look at that smile!


The Ferrill's said...

Paging Dr. Oakley, Dr. Oakley!
The pictures are SO adorable. That baby doll must really feel better now!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh these are just the cutest pictures! I just love them all!! Love the hair too...she's so pretty!
I always know that when I visit your blog I'm going to see a picture of Oakley smiling!


Adam and Cynthia said...

I just love that little girl! It was so much fun being with you guys that day! She is such a doll! She does seem very comfortable in that lab coat!

Leslie said...

She is so smart and cute to boot. She makes me smile all the time. I love that your posting more. We all can use a daily dose of Oakley.

Anonymous said...

She looks very professional (and adorable). Time to start that savings account for Med School!

Lisa P.

Nicole said...

Her smile makes me smile immediately every time I see it. Tell her that Aunt "Micole" loves her!

I want to get some clothes for her doll and bring them over soon.

You know I just love being with your family and I don't think we get together enough at all! When I got home I had to brag on all the boys and of course my God-daughter as well!!

Anonymous said...

Let's see!!!!Medical school costs
about $250,000? .......What a cute

Keri said...

She does look right at home giving the doll a full physical. James and I recently both had the flu,(even though we both had the vaccine,) and Claire loved taking out temperature and looking in our ears and throats. She would pronounce us "all better" each and every time. If only it had been that easy! Maybe our girls could be room-mates and it could save us some $$$!


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