Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Royal Ball

The Princesses are hosting
a delightful Royal Ball ...
and this proclamation is being sent,
inviting ONE AND ALL!

Last Saturday Oakley attended a fancy Royal Ball, hosted by the Disney Princesses in honor of her friend Bianca's birthday. All the attendees were invited to dress in their favorite princess (or prince/pirate) attire.

I immediately called upon Oakley's cousin Spencer, to see if she had something princess-worthy that Oakley could borrow. Spencer's formal-wear wardrobe can rival that of any royalty. She graciously gave Oakley a beautiful purple dress that she had worn as a flower girl, and loaned her a very sweet tiara. Thank you Spencer!!

So Oakley dressed in grandeur, deemed herself Princess Xinxiang, and joined Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Belle and a band of little pirates for a wonderful birthday party in honor of her school friend.

She was so proud of her dress and twirled around for at least 15 minutes before we ever left the house.

Upon arriving, we found that the party was being held in Bianca's backyard, which was beautifully decorated. There was a huge Princess bouncy castle, a princess pinata, and a castle birthday cake.

It was in the upper 80's that day, so by the end of the party, Princess Xinxiang was melting. When it's hot outside, her head gets SO SWEATY and she was literally dripping toward the end of the party.

When we left, I stripped her down before I put her in her carseat. So she rode home wearing just her polka dot panties, her tiara, and a huge smile.


Leslie said...

What a beautiful princess she is Jana. I love the last photo, she is so beautiful.

I hear your friends with Falicia. I just love her and her family. They couldn't be any nicer. We will have to have all you guys over for a cookout this summer.

The Ferrill's said...

Oh my, that last picture is so perfect: those pursed little lips and delicate lashes on her cheeks...beautiful princess!
Our china babies sweat a bunch too! Like little water fountains.
Glad the polka dot princess had so much fun!

Shannon said...

Isn't it fun to have a girl and do those girly girl things? She is just a perfect princess for sure!

Whitty's Four said...

She looked so beautiful and happy.


Shelley said...

Hi Jana,
Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Oakley is a beautiful little girl and you all are truly blessed!! I love all of her hair bows. Do you make them yourself?
We are blessed with two Jiangxi Empresses and it just gets better with each day!!!
Blessings to you and your family~
In HIS Mighty Grip
Shelley Swindler

cheerofc said...

o my goodness! She is so cute! I can't wait to meet her in Kentucky in 3 days!

Emily Shane

Andrea Nielsen said...

She is so grown up... and quite a princess! I hope Oakley and Lillie will get to meet someday. Blessings and congrats on your Gotcha Day aniversary last month.

Joe and Jane said...

Thanks for visiting our blog!

Wow, that is one gorgeous dress! And on an even more beautiful girl!

Mission to Macie said...

She is soooooooooo pretty in purple!

What a fun party!

Anonymous said...

O! she is a doll! I love that last picture! That would be gorgeous as a full frame...maybe print in sepia tones.... of course you could hang it somewhere in the princess's room! :D
she is just too much fun!


Tao's Mommy said...

Oh WOW.....what a beautiful Princess she was!! I bet she felt like one too!!! Channing too, her head gets soooo sweaty. I wonder why?? Do you have any idea??

Oakley looks like she is doing great......I just love seeing her updates!!


Ken & Mystina said...

Oh Oakley! What a beauty you are. I am sure that your inside matches your outside too. Your family is so blessed to share in your life. What a precious gift you are.
God Bless you,

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, she is a beautiful princess! I can't wait to see her tomorrow. :)

Jake and Taryn said...

LOVE all the pictures you took! What a great idea for a party. Oakley looks so beautiful in every single picture and her dress is just adorable! :)

Chris & Deb said...

Oakley is the princess extraordinaire. She is just so adorable and it looks like she was loving every "princess" moment!

Amie said...

What sweet pictures. You have a beautiful family!


David and Sarah said...

How beautiful! Aren't girls fun?!

日月神教-任我行 said...