Friday, February 9, 2007

You Make My Heart Sing!

Hagan is a beautiful soul with many talents. He loves to horseback ride and play soccer, and he can sing like a bird! He's been a member of the gifted and talented music program at school for a few years and has had several musical solo performances. I know, I know .... I sound like a proud mom:)! I don't mean to brag, but he's REALLY good!

He auditioned earlier this year for the Kentucky All-State Chorus and was selected, along with three of his classmates, to participate! This is a huge honor and I'm so proud of the time he committed to preparing for the event, rehearsing both at school and at home.

The Kentucky All-State Children's Chorus was held this week in Louisville. On Wednesday afternoon we checked into the Galt House, the host hotel. He had a full chorus seating at 6:30pm and rehearsal from 7-9pm. After rehearsal, we came back to the room, laid in our big queen-sized beds and watched American Idol and Lost (two of our favorite TV shows). It was just the two of us ... spending some treasured quality time together.

Rehearsals began Thursday morning at 8:30 and it was a full-day with breaks only for lunch and a quick snack before the evening performance. I have to admit, I teared-up a few times during the rehearsals, and I wasn't the only one. There's something about the innocent voices of children, blended together so beautifully. It makes a Mother's heart melt.

And the performance last night .... breathtaking!! I don't know how else to describe it. It was TRULY AMAZING. I'm so glad he had the opportunity to participate and that I had the opportunity to witness it.

I'm so very proud of Hagan! He makes my heart sing!

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Nicole said...

And mine! Dang, if I could have just taken him 9 years ago when I wanted to. :) Tell him Congrats and we love him too!