Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Alarm Clock

See this alarm clock? It doesn't work. At least not for Sawyer. We've yet to find an alarm that will wake him up. This clock's claim to fame was that it's LOUD enough to wake even the deepest sleeper. Sawyer found it in his Easter basket last year, nestled amidst those yucky neon yellow Peeps the boys love so much.

Admittedly, he's a night owl and he stays up WAYYYY too late -- it's a constant struggle. I'm completely convinced that he's nocturnal. He prefers to stay up all night and sleep the day away. Every weekday morning I have to wake him a minimum of three times. He can have a full conversation with me and never remember it (or so he says). It's a grueling ritual and not the greatest way to start the day.

Yesterday, I had to go into work early to prepare for an out-of-town meeting at 10am. Mike was at home getting the two younger boys ready and I reminded him to wake Sawyer up (repeatedly, if necessary) before he left. Sullivan and Hagan have to be at school an hour before Sawyer does, which means he was going to have to get himself to the bus stop.

I was sitting in my client's lobby at 10am, waiting to go in for my appointment when my cell phone rang. HOME came up on the caller ID and I knew instinctively that trouble was brewing. As far as I knew, Mike was at work, all three boys were at school, and Scrabble, our springer spaniel, was the only one holding down the fort.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Mom, is there no school today?" asked my groggy 15-year-old son.

"Ummm, YES, there
IS school today, and you're supposed to be there," I replied.

"Well, nobody woke me up!" he exclaimed. "What do I do now?"

Did I mention that it's 10am? School starts at 8:30.

Remember that I'm 45 miles away, trying desperately to get mentally prepared for my presentation. UGGHHH!!! I told him to call his Dad, and warned him that he would NOT be happy, because he had INDEED wakened him this morning. They even had a conversation about Sawyer needing lunch money and they discussed how he was going to get home from school in the afternoon. I was fuming mad, ready to strangle my son and was just hanging up the phone when the person I was meeting came out to greet me. I smiled, exchanged pleasantries, and put on my game face.

We need a new alarm clock. This one's worn out.


Marla said...

Jana, I think teenagers are nocturnal by nature.Like you, I am the alarm clock around here as well.

I suppose I am lucky though because Austin seems to have his own internal snooze button. I can wake him at 6:45 and without fail he snoozes until 7:20 at which time he rolls out of bed on his own. He showers, gathers his stuff for the day, and is out the door in 30 minutes flat.

Carter is a whole other story. I start on her at 6:10 and have to usually prod her for a good ten minutes before her feet hit the floor. She then takes every bit of her hour and a half to get ready. I can't figure it out...her hair is more often than not just pulled into a ponytail. I guess it's a girl thing??

I'm really enjoying your blog by the way!


Nicole said...

Oh my boy, go easy on him. He's so cute he needs all that beauty sleep! :)

The Ferrill's said...

Jana, I LOVE your blog! I have just read all through it and it is so helpful to me because we are in the process of adopting two special needs children from China! You are a bit ahead of us in the process, so I will be following your journey all the way to little Oakley! I loved your post about the fundraising...we have been so blessed as well...God is indeed passionate about His children and He does provide for adoptions in amazing ways. Someone told us that when we started the adoption process, to watch out because money will be falling from the's so true. The money just falls straight from God's hands to ours. Praise Him! I will remember your beautiful family in my prayers...I know you must be so ready for your daughter!
Laine Ferrill

Beckyb said...

Just had to say Hi - I saw your email on our DecDTC group and was surprised - we go to church with Whitt's and soon CAELEIGH!!! I am also a Creative Memories consultant so that was a fun thing too - oh, and one more - we also have three boys - one daughter (from China) and we are DTCDec for another!!! So -had to stop and say HI!!!