Thursday, March 1, 2007

Control Freak

It's March 1. That means we're officially one month closer to getting Oakley! Thank goodness February was a short month. The WAIT is getting SO hard.

Because I have NO CONTROL concerning when we receive our LOA, when we receive TA, or when we travel, I've chosen to exercise my control in other areas. Other trivial areas, to be exact. Like obsessing over the hallway coat closet because it was a hodgepodge of hangers (metal, plastic and wooden) and coats were just being shoved in, hanging in no particular order. I know .... CRAZY! So this evening I went out and bought all new hangers ... MATCHING hangers, and I organized the coat closet. Completely in my control -- mission accomplished. how sad is that?!?!

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I have nothing to do but wait. I could definitely spend my time a little more wisely ... we still have MUCH to do before we travel. Oakley's room isn't even ready! We bought the paint last weekend and we're going to get the chair rail installed this weekend, I hope! I'm heading to the Pottery Barn Outlet on Sunday after church to look for window treatments and I plan to make some real progress in the next week or so.

Last night I went shopping for items for another Care Package I plan to mail out on Monday. I was really hoping to have her in my arms soon, but since we could still be a few months away, I want to make sure she knows we are thinking of her ALWAYS! I'm putting together another little family photo album for her this weekend and I pray that when she gets it, her heart will begin to open to us.

March .... the promise of spring, warmer weather and renewed life. May it also bring an LOA, TA, and the promise of a little girl being welcomed into her forever family.


The Ferrill's said...

Could you PLEASE come do that to all my closets? :)
It's good you're keeping busy! How can you not with 3 boys and a hubby?

Beckyb said...

I think we call that nesting!!! Maybe soon!!!! I will pray for you what I am praying, selfishly, for us - that our BIG GOD would move the hands of the CCAA workers a little faster everyday!!! He can do it!!!

Mom-of-5 said...

Jana-Wow that is some nesting. I did the same. I even decided we needed an addition -we scrambled and it still isn't completely done.
I really hope you hear something soon. Now that CCAA had break I pray things speed up for those waiting.
Can't wait to see you pictures of Oakley's new room.

Marla said...

I agree with the other comments, this is nesting at it's finest! It's funny how the mind works on the subconscious level, I bet you didn't even think of it as nesting, did you? I'm so anxious for you Jana, I can't even imagine how you must feel. I am honored and looking forward to being able to take care of Hagan and Sullivan while you travel.

I love you!

Nesting For Natalie said...


Thank you for the good wishes! I hope you have your longed for news, and your little one home soon!

Thanks for your prayer too! God has answered beyond our hopes!

Amy C