Sunday, March 18, 2007

Oakley's Family Photo Album

I've been working on another little family photo album for Oakley and had planned to include it in her next care package. However, Caeleigh's family will be travelling to China on March 23 and they'll meet the nanny/orphanage director on Caeleigh's Gotcha Day. They've graciously agreed to deliver the photo album to the orphanage staff and request that they give it to Oakley!! YEAH!! I am so happy and so grateful to this family.

I can't be sure that Oakley actually received her first care package. Although I really want her to have the gifts so she knows we're thinking of her, more importantly, I want her to have the photo album so we won't be complete strangers to her when we arrive.

I've included more photos of me and Mike, her brothers, Mamaw, and even Scrabble, our beloved Springer Spaniel. He's a real sweetheart and he's going to love having a little girl around the house. I also included the photo of her and Caeleigh so when she's missing her little friend, she'll be able to see her anytime she wants.

Thanks again to the Whitts for helping make sure our little girl is ready for us! We'll be forever grateful.


Leslie said...

Your such a sweet mommy Jana. Love your adorable dog also. I'm praying for our LOA with this next batch of referrals. Call me if you get yours.


Anonymous said...

Jana, your Springer is beautiful
and looks like our Freckles who
lived to be 15. Sophie's Nana

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

We have a springer spaniel, too. Our's is Maggie. AnnaClaire loves her doggie and I'm sure Oakley will love HER doggie, too!

I hope Oakley got her 1st package and gets this one, too. I really think it does help them as my sister "knew" my brother (who was unable to go to China with us) when we got home! We think it was because of the photo album, because she wouldn't go to anyone else!