Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Backpack of Her Very Own

I live with three boys, so buying for a little girl is a new experience for me. Believe me, I have lived with my fair share of Matchbox cars, Brio trains and Playmobil knights. They can be found at any given time in pockets, under beds, in the bathtub, in the washing machine, in kitchen drawers and even in my purse. Sawyer was obsessed with Brio, Hagan with Playmobil and Sullivan with Matchbox cars. I wonder what Oakley will like to play with?

I've been collecting little things to take with us to China. We'll be spending a lot of time with Oakley in the hotel room and I want to make sure she has a few things to keep her entertained -- in addition to the new strange looking people with whom she'll be spending her days and nights:).

I found this ADORABLE elephant backpack online at Pottery Barn Kids. It was on clearance and it was a true bargain, even with the personalization. This will be the first of her very own belongings, things she can call her own, play with anytime she wants, and carry with her everywhere she goes. I hope she finds something among these things that she loves.

Here's what's included:
  1. a Curious George coloring book and crayons (chosen by Sullivan because he loves Curious George)

  2. a car key set that makes a variety of sounds, and it doubles as a little flashlight!

  3. a heart slinky (thank you McCaleb)

  4. a Dora the Explorer Doodle Pro

  5. a happy baby colors book

  6. a fuzzy windup chick (thank you Jennifer) -- great for sensory integration

  7. two packs of Play-Doh (thanks again, Jennifer)

  8. Goldfish crackers

  9. Gerber fruit juice treats

  10. a Fisher Price "ipod" featuring favorite nursery rhyme songs

  11. Gymboree bubbles (not pictured because I just got these today, along with a precious swimsuit coverup -- yeah for Gymboree bucks!)

  12. and my favorite ... this mini Calin Asian doll

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