Friday, March 9, 2007

How SWEET is this?!?

Last week I arrived home from work to find a package from Caeleigh's family. What a wonderful surprise and a beautiful and thoughtful gesture! Karen, Caeleigh's Mom, had a picture of the girls printed in black and white and framed in the most adorable pink and cream frame. This precious photo was taken in November 2006 by the Strand Family during their visit to the orphanage. I hope you can see the tulle tied around the top -- I love it! I'm sure this photo will become one of Oakley's most treasured gifts and it will certainly be displayed prominently in her new room. Two sweet baby girls, friends from the start, sharing not only a life in the orphanage, but a journey to their families halfway around the world.

In celebration of their special bond, she also purchased identical friendship bracelets for the girls, each with their respective name in little silver blocks. Each bracelet has half of a charm -- a heart that reads "Best Friends." Caeleigh has one half and Oakley has the other half. I'm so thankful that this blessed family is now a part of our lives. We have shared so much already, and because Caeleigh's father is from my hometown and his parents still reside there, these girls will be able to visit each other every year. It is my hope that they will maintain their friendship throughout life.

Please remember this family in your prayers. I rejoice in announcing that they received TA yesterday and plan to travel on March 22! May God keep them safe and healthy during their travels, and prepare them -- in body, mind and spirit -- to welcome Caeleigh into their hearts and home. May God walk with this baby girl as she is lovingly placed in the arms of her new family and may she be open and receptive to their love and nurturing.

Thank you to this wonderful family for sharing the journey!


karen Whitt said...

You are one sweet southern girl!

We love you too!!

Caeleigh's Mom

Leslie said...

What a precious gift Karen has given you!!!!

These two girls are so special, and God has mapped out a wonderful life for the two of them, and their new families. I hope that I will be able to watch that friendship blossom, since we live so close as well....LOL.

So very special, and brought a tear to my eye.

Thanks for sharing Jana.

Beckyb said...

I have to say from personal experience - those Whitt's are awesome people - we are excited for them but selfishly for us too - as now Chloe will have a little buddy!!

The Ferrill's said...

How wonderful that you can have such a bond with Caeleigh's family! Oakley will one day be so grateful that you made such an effort to keep her close to her buddies.
God bless you,

Mom-of-5 said...

TA !!
YIPPEE-I can not wait till you bring Oakley home. What a beautiful idea with the bracelets.

Nicole said...

Both gifts are exquisite! How wonderful. I can't wait for you to bring Oakley home too. Love you!