Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cry Baby

Okay, I admit it. Last night I was a cry baby. Too many emotions all at once ....

The Whitts are in China now with their precious baby girl, Caeleigh. I must have checked their blog 20 times yesterday for an update. No, patience is not one of my virtues. Starved for information and eager to see new photos, I was thrilled when their new post finally appeared last night. I studied the photographs of beautiful little Caeleigh, wondering if Oakley is about the same size (they are only two months apart in age), trying to determine what size she is wearing, wondering if they are letting her hair grow, wondering if she is taking a bottle ... wondering if she is missing her friend.

I savored every word, and was thrilled to read that Caeleigh is bonding quickly to her Mama, is smiling and playing, eating well, and I'm sure, feeling very much loved and cherished. As I read through the post, I caught my own name in the text, and my heart raced. This gracious family not only agreed to deliver to the orphange director and nanny a little family photo album I made for Oakley, but they also took pictures of her at the orphanage and then took to the time to address me in their post to update me.

To my friend Jana Curd. I want you to now that Caeleigh loved your little book for Oakley. It was the one thing that calmed her down. She clung to it. We had to sneak it away when it was time for the nanny to take it. Jeff did get pictures of Oakley and she just clung to that little book too! I will have Jeff email you and we will try to send the pictures. He also got other pictures we will try and post for my friends at Zhangzhou SWI. The nanny said they were good friends.
-- Karen

Yes, tears of gratitude and longing flowed freely.

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Beckyb said...

I was thinking of you and Oakley too - what a great thing but yet hard as well - it must be comforting to know she is in great hands though - I know they felt Caeleigh was very loved! Praying for you as well - I love our BIG GOD!!!