Monday, June 25, 2007

Look Mom ... No Cavities!

This afternoon Oakley visited Dr. Lange for her very first dental appointment. She acted like an old pro, despite the fact that I don't think her teeth had ever even been brushed before Gotcha Day. She had lots of tarter build-up, lots of staining and some discoloration. But she climbed up in the chair, donned her little "Finding Nemo" apron, opened her mouth wide like a champ, and let the hygienist scrape and polish her teeth til the sparkle! She didn't even resist the fluoride treatment, which I personally detest!

She is so proud of her pearly whites and I'm amazed at how great her teeth look now. And best of all ... no cavities!! Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to take my camera, so I only have a Polaroid to capture her first dental appointment. But man, what a sweet smile my little girl has. It lights up our world!

And I asked Dr. Lange if I need to try to deter the finger-sucking at night and he said not to worry about it for the time being. I told him I'd be sending him her orthodontist bill.


Leslie said...

That smile does light up the world. So glad she is a brave big girl.

Lisa Porter said...

Nothing seems to phase your little Energizer Bunny. It boggles the mind what she just takes in stride. So glad there were no cavities. A bright smile indeed!


Anonymous said...

Her teeth really do look fabulous! And what a sweet smile, she has changed 360 degrees since you first held her. Isn't God good?!


Anonymous said...

Anytime you're ready .... I am ready for that packing list!!!! :):) Thanks so much....

Anonymous said...

Jana, that finger is still most
likely still a comfort for her.
I'm with Dr. Lange. Such a big
smile! Mary

Jennifer said...

She is such a doll baby... I can NOT believe she even did the flouride. (ick) So many changes in such a short time... isn't she amazing???

Marla said...

What a brave girl you have! It sounds like she did way better than Peyton did at his first visit, he was terrified! And he was used to tooth brushing, had seen the rest of us go to the dentist, and was still a chicken about it. Oakley amazes me with all the things she takes in stride. She's truly an amazing little girl.


Anonymous said...

Are you staying home with Oakley
for awhile? Mary

Jana said...

I'm scheduled to return to work part-time on August 13. Still praying that we win the lottery before then:). Maybe I should start playing!


Nikki & Larry said...

She seems like such a resilient little girl!

Congrats on having NO CAVITIES!

Smiles! :o)