Saturday, June 23, 2007

Water Baby

Oakley has taken to water like a little fish. Not only do we have to coax her out of the bathtub now, but we've been swimming several times and we even took her boating last weekend. I was afraid she'd throw a fit over the lifejacket because they aren't the most comfortable thing to wear, but she was SO PROUD of it! The boys love to tube and she cheered them on with a happy "Woo Hoo!" She wasn't crazy about going fast. She didn't cry, but she did sit in my lap with her head on my chest and hold on for dear life.

We pulled into a cove and had a picnic lunch and then the boys jumped in to swim. It was SO HOT and although I hadn't planned on getting in, I threw on a safety belt and jumped in just to cool off. Well, that's all it took. Oakley decided she wanted to join me and she held out her arms and came right in with me. Although she had her lifejacket on, she didn't want me to let go. As long as I held her with both arms, she was one happy camper. Brave, I tell you, this little girl is brave.

We don't have a pool at home and it's been so hot lately! Last week Mike set up the sprinkler in the front yard for the kids. Sullivan and Hagan played in it and chased each other around with water balloons. Oakley, however, wasn't crazy about the sprinkler, so we dragged out one of the snow saucers from the garage and filled it up with water. She was happy as a clam. She played contentedly for about an hour in that little saucer with the garden hose and a few stacking cups.

Maybe it's time to invest in a little (bigger) plastic pool ......


The Ferrill's said...

How fun! We are in such a drought here in Alabama that we can't even play in the sprinkler without being fined! :( Pray for rain!
I'm cracking up at the "snow-pool"!
Oakley's dimple is so kissable!

Marla said...

Awww, get that girl a pool!


McIntosh Twins said...

Oakley is so sweet. It is unreal to see the difference in the pictures. The one to the left from earlier is so sad, and now she looks so happy! That is great to see what a difference a loving family makes for a child. What a blessing our children are. I cry almost every time that I check your blog for updates. It is such a touching story. I hope things continue to go well with her adjusting to a wonderful family !!!!


Anonymous said...

Jana - look at your precious little girl! She is just adorable, and yes, so very brave! Our little Katie saw her doctor today too and had lots of blood drawn. She did good....very brave and far stronger than I think I would be in her shoes. These babies are amazing! I wish you and Michael could see Katie now - she is a different baby from the little one at the orphanage! Maybe we need to vacation your way one summer! :)

Blessings to you and your precious family and that amazing little girl you have! She makes me smile every time I read your blog!

Your friend,

Nikki & Larry said...

Nice sunglasses! Oakley is such a little cutie!

Smiles! :o)