Friday, July 6, 2007

Celebrating Independence Day

Oakley celebrated her first Fourth of July with a trip to the lake for an afternoon of boating, swimming, and her very favorite thing ... eating!!

She was so much more comfortable on the boat this time and she'd even sit next to me (as long as my arm was wrapped securely around her) while we travelled fast. The last time we were on the boat, she'd sit on my lap with her face buried in my chest.

She spent more time in the water this trip, although she still won't let anyone but me hold onto her. I'm so glad that she feels safe in my arms; it's just a matter of time before she feels just as secure in Michael's.

We were able to spend time with Nicole and her family, which made for a very special day. The kids had a great time tubing and jumping in off the boat, impressing us all with their daredevil moves.

The sun shone bright all afternoon at the lake, but we drove home through some monsoon-like weather conditions.

Although we intended on attending our county's fireworks show that evening, we decided to stay home so Sullivan could play with all the neighborhood children. We had our own little party right here on our street and the kids had a wonderful time running around with sparklers as some of the parents set off some REALLY BIG fireworks.

Oakley wasn't scared at all and she'd wave her little arms in circular motions and then raise them to the sky as she shouted, "Boom!"

It was almost 11 p.m. before we got her in bed and she was completely wiped out. For the last 30 minutes or so of the show, she'd alternately clap and cheer and then lay her head on my chest and ask, "Night Night?" This little girl likes her sleep almost as she does her food!

A girl after my own heart ....


Anonymous said...

Definitely a girl after my heart too - food and sleep. What could be better!

So precious!

Hey - where do you get all those adorable hairbows? They are super cute!

Glad she's doing so well. Katie is too and we praise God for His grace in our family in her adjustment and bonding (I know you understand).

Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us - it is thrilling to see this little girl blossom!

Mommy to Katherine Grace

Mommy-To-Channing said...

What beautiful posts today Jana!!! Oakley sounds like she is doing so well!! Love her little outfits and the bows....I too want to know where you get them (and her packpack)!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a while now and I have to tell you that every time I check in, I end up in happy tears!

In the love of your family this beautiful little girl is blossoming! I thank you for sharing this with so many!

I also have to ask ... are you a photographer... your photos are always so amazing!

And I will ask the same as everyone else... where did you get those cool bows that Oakley has in her hair?

All the best to your family,

Rebel Judge

Nicole said...

She looks stunning in red! YES! My favorite color. Perhaps a red outfit for her birthday. :)

Nicole said...

Rebel Judge,
I'll answer for you because Jana will be modest. She's not a professional photographer, but honestly her talents are many and she naturally excels at almost everything she does. I was going to leave out the almost but then you might not believe me. Seriously she is one gifted lady!

Jana said...

Wow!! Such compliments -- this blog is not only a great way for me to document our little girl's remarkable progress and our unending love for her, but it's good for my ego:)! Seriously, many, many thanks to everyone who is following our journey -- and especially for those of you who are brave enough to comment. I know all about blog lurkers because I, too, was one myself for a looonnggg time.

I found the bows in a little boutique here in our quaint little downtown. It's called Hopscotch and I'll see if they have a website. Oakley LOVES them and they are so soft, stretchy and comfortable. Plus they stay put a lot longer than her alligator clip bows, which tend to slip out easily given how active she is!

And Mom-to-Channing (that beautiful baby girl!) -- her elephant backpack is from Pottery Barn Kids and it's on clearance now for under $10. Channing just might need one ....


Adam and Cynthia Farley said...

Alright.......I love all her clothes! Where did you get the bow things??? Are they just large ribbons? Or specifically for the hair???? SHE IS GORGEOUS!!


Janet said...

Wow! I thought you were a professional! Seriouly, these pictures are precious. They would look really good in balck & white, too! I would have to say the 2nd to last one is my favorite, I would title it 'Pure joy.' :):)

Jennifer said...

How adorable she is... and I love the one of her kissing her Daddy! She has really grown and changed so much already! Mysecond favorite is where you can see her little bare cute!

The Ferrill's said...

Oakley looks so adorable with her little flag! The lake pictures are great! What a beautiful family!

Leslie said...

Ok, I'm going to have to come back to Georgetown, and get me a red hairbow for Lily. I hope they have more red ones. Her outfit is just precious Jana. My favorite picture is the last one. She is one American Doll for sure.

Also, what kind of camera are you using. I need a new camera for our trip.....when ever that is.

We need to talk soon Jana. I need to do some venting...LOL.

Lisa Porter said...

Just when I think Oakley cannot possibly get cuter, she does!

Can't believe she came downstairs on Monday, walked into a room with 9 "strange" women she didn't expect and it didn't phase her at all. Just a moments hesitation and then she turned on the charm. I loved her insisting you scrape her plate for the last taste of cake. YES!

What a joy she is -- it makes me happy just to watch her! Or read about her. Or see pictures. Guess I am one of the multitudes who are completely smitten with her.


Jennifer said...

Just curious...I was wondering if you could maybe just post photos every day. I think we all got spoiled when you were in China... and she is Sooooo cute. I know she does at least 1 oe 2 cute things every day!!!!