Thursday, July 5, 2007


Oakley spends a lot of time talking to her family and friends on her Princess cell phone ... a gift from her Mamaw. She LOVES her phone and her conversations, although one-sided, are hilarious! They tend to go something like this ....

"Wei?" (the traditional Chinese phone greeting, meaning hello)

"Howww yewww?" (said with a very southern accent)


"Yeah." (she sometimes throws in an obligatory chuckle)


"I luh you."

"Bye. Bye."

And then it all begins again ... over ... and over ... and over ...


Leslie said...

Wei Miss Oalkey. Your a cutie pie.

Felicia said...

Jana, what a cutie patootie. Love the glasses and the cell phone. In terms of speaking English, she's really progressing. Cute and smart too. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Love the girly, girl pictures. She is a cutie pie!


Jennifer said...

Jana -
Oh my gosh!
Five weeks... this child simply amazes me! I mean - what a transformation... what a smart little girl... it's just incredible! She is a doll! I love her in her glasses... I just love everything about her! She's precious.
(OK... maybe a lack of judgment on her part letting Tim hold her before me or Joanna... but we MIGHT get over that... MAYBE)
Her hair is starting to grow!!! Pig tails by Halloween, perhaps?? You must be totally enchanted by her! She IS a princess.

Mom of 5 said...

How cute !!
Love her shades.

The Ferrill's said...

What a cute little hot stuff!

Adam and Cynthia Farley said...

Okay, I can't stand it! She just gets cuter and sweeter and cuter and sweeter........give that baby girl a hug from me!!!


Nicole said...

She's so funny! A Southern Chinese accent. That should be interesting. :) Remember Darrah's New York/Kentucky accent? LOL Can't wait to see her soon!

theressa said...

what a cute little girl' i can't wait to see the next photos. she could not have a better set of parents. keep your hands in god's hand as i know you will and she will grow up to be the same wonderful parent as you and mike.i am a ex employee of mike's