Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We've Come A Long Way, Baby

If you'll remember, Oakley was TERRIFIED of Scrabble, our Springer Spaniel, when she first met him. He was very patient, well-behaved, and never tried to approach her. After three days of screaming, shaking, climbing the walls, and what can pretty accurately be described as sheer pandemonium whenever in his presence, she began to calm down. She watched him wearily from afar, and then gradually, a little closer. Within a week, she actually stroked him, if ever so briefly, on her own accord.

Well, now, she adores Scrabble, whom she affectionately calls "Kraggle." She still doesn't like him kissing her and if his tongue should happen to brush her arm even slightly, it sends her flying to me to be wiped down, then kissed. Only then does she deem his minor infraction, "all better."

It's so funny to hear her commanding him to his kennel when I announce that we are ready to leave the house to go bye-bye. "Nennel, Kraggle, nennel!" (aka, Kennel, Scrabble, kennel!). She then runs around the house gathering all of his toys and will carry them by the very edge (hence to avoid any and all contact with dog slobber) and places them in his kennel.

I took these photos last Sunday while they were playing in the front yard. Oakley and Kraggle ... a little girl and her dog!


Marla said...

Awww, that is so sweet! You know, after looking at last weeks blog I went back to her very first day with you and looked at the pictures again. I teared up once again, and that feeling of overwhelming joy came flooding back, looking at the first picture I ever saw of her in your arms. I also noticed how very much she has blossomed since then. She looks so much healthier, her skin has a healthy glow, her hair has grown so much, and her smiles show complete joy. I hadn't noticed before that although she was full of smiles, in the beginning they were wary. No more! She seems so secure, and so perfect within your family. Having watched this transformation I suppose it wasn't incredibly evident until I looked back. I'm so happy for all of you, including Kraggle!


Jennifer said...

Couldn't we all take a lesson from these brave little ones? What an amazing transformation... and what an incredible little girl!
(PS...Kraggle, as always...adorable,too.)

Nicole said...

Look at your brave and beautiful girl. PRECIOUS and priceless! Kraggle's pretty cute too.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jana! I sure enjoy your blog. Sorry I've not emailed in a while - as you know, life home from China gets so busy! But I always find time to sneak a peek at your blog and precious Oakley and I rejoice and praise God over and over again for your family and His gift to you. Oakley just makes me smile, there's no other way to say it. I see her face and I just smile - and sometimes I laugh out loud.

I do pray we can meet up someday. Seeing her in person would be a delight (and I think I'd enjoy meeting her mommy face-to-face too). :)

Thank you for so openly sharing your life with Oakley! I praise God and give Him all the honor and glory for all He has done in your family and in mine!

Under His wings,

G- said...

Oakley is amazing! Seeing her transformation with Scrabble is wonderful! I love the pictures of Oakley and Scrabble - they are precious and show how much they adore each other. Thank you for posting this great achievement of Oakley's. She should be very proud of herself! God's blessings.

Gina, Mommy to Lucas

Adam and Cynthia Farley said...

Precious, just precious!

Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

I just found your blog through Meg's Mei Mei. Oakley is adorable!!!! I love that second picture of her and your dog, Beautiful! :)
Big Sis to Sarah Lu, age 3