Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rest in Peace Sweet Baby Girl

The Chapman family needs our prayers.

I am at a loss for words as I try to express my grief and sorrow over their loss. I have a little girl and I have a teenage son. I can't imagine.

Yesterday I wrote that life is fragile. It truly, truly is.

I pray that God will heal their broken hearts and that they find some comfort in the arms of family and friends. They have blessed so many lives in the adoption community and they have made so many dreams come true. What generous souls and gentle spirits.

please pray


Anonymous said...

I had heard about this on the radio and thought how much pain this family must be in. I pray the Lord brings them peace.

Lisa P.

Anonymous said...

I know that everyone is grieving
with the Chapmans on the loss of
their beautiful little girl.We
can only pray that the Lord will
be able to comfort them. I know
that I always get nervous when
my little ones are around cars.
It's so hard to see them. I pray
for the brother that he'll be able
to be at peace. I'll keep an extra
tight grip on my little girl's hands and remember never, never
let them out of my sight or more
than a few feet away. Life is so
fragile Jana as you mentioned.
Praying that your son will be
completely healed from his injuries.
A friend in Christ.........

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