Monday, May 28, 2007

This Is How We Spent Our Day with Oakley

I was worried that when Oakley woke up this morning she'd be terrified, or angry, or sad, or all of the aforementioned combined. She was quiet, but smiled readily and she eased into the day with bravery. She's become somewhat of a "velcro baby," and if we venture out anywhere, I have to be holding her or she falls to pieces. She's great in the room and will walk around on her own, exploring her toys and bringing Sawyer books to read, but the moment we head out, she holds her arms up to be held and if I try to put her down to hold her hand, she gets hysterical, cries and does this floppy arm dance thing. She won't let Michael or Sawyer hold her yet if we're out of the room, but she's interacting really well with them both and will let them blow her nose (which we do A LOT), feed her, play with her, help her with her shoes, etc. We took a walk this evening and tried the stroller but she was having none of that. We would have probably gone farther, but my arm was ready to fall off and I didn't have the hip hammock with us. Lesson learned.

We had an appointment with the notary this morning, and promised once again, to take care of her, never abandon her, educate her and make sure she receives medical attention. It only lasted a few moments and then we did a little shopping. Michael tried to take pictures in Wal-Mart, but security came after him and the camera was quickly put away. It's SO VERY different from any Wal-Mart in the states and it's four stories tall. You have to see it to believe it, especially the meat and seafood departments. We bought Oakley a new pair of shoes but she still wants to keep her other ones on at all times -- ALL TIMES. She finally took them off on her own this evening right before she fell asleep in my arms.

She has a bad cough (mostly at night), some funky green snot, and yesterday she had a fever. We started her on antiobiotics immediately and she seems to be improving. She's a champ about taking her medicine and brushing her teeth, which I suspect hasn't happened too often in the past. Her teeth are not in really bad shape but she has some dark spots on the front top two. As you can see, she also have somewhat of an overbite and I'm guessing that's because she sucks her pointer finger to fall asleep. She turns her hand palm up when she does it and thus, pushes outward on her teeth. We know when she's getting sleepy because her finger stays in her mouth. She kept it there pretty much all day yesterday (I'm sure she was comforting herself), but much less today. She's a doll baby and we are totally smitten with her.

We are doing great and it's hard to believe we've had her less than 36 hours. Her personality is shining through and she's pretty silly. She LOVES to read books and I wish we'd brought more. Sawyer is teaching her all the body parts and she will readily say nose, ears, eyes, hair, lips, teeth and hands. She also knows baby and bye-bye (complete with a wave) and uses them appropriately. She's AMAZING!! We met a couple from Switzerland this evening in the hotel lobby and they just received their beautiful 9-month-old baby girl yesterday. Oakley completely turned on for them and they were astounded by what she can do and say. I know I sound like a bragging Mom, but my gosh, she learns so quickly.

I've posted some photos that show her pointing out her body parts to Sawyer ... too cute. If the photos are out of whack it's because I haven't been able to view our blog all day. I'm not sure what's up, but I hope I can at least get this to post.

Can't wait to see what's in store for us tomorrow!! Love to you all, and many thanks for the comments. It's wonderful to know that so many people are following our journey and rejoicing with us in our blessings!!

Love from Fuzhou!

Sullivan and Hagan:

You better get ready, because your little sister is too funny! Tonight she finished a bowl of dry cheerios, then put the little bowl on her head, walked to the mirror to see herself, and busted out laughing. She still gets really sad sometimes, but overall, she's doing really, really well. Sullivan, they had a bunch of fish tanks in Wal-Mart with fish as big as your leg! They also had cow stomach, dried fish heads, and lots of things we couldn't recognize. Hagan, we sure miss you and I hope you had a wonderful time on the boat and were successful in your fishing expedition. I'm sure you didn't catch anything as big as the fish we saw in Wal-Mart today -- that was CRAZY!! We miss you both so much and can't wait for you to see your little sister in person.


Adam and Cynthia Farley said...

Ok....I need more than one post a day....I check the blog 1,000 times every day.....I am addicted! I am so excited that Oakley is bonding with you so well! Sounds like they really worked with her regarding her "new" family! She is just precious! We will continue to pray for her and you guys! Enjoy your day!!


Anonymous said...

LOL! That's what everyone is saying. We are ALL OBSESSED, checking the computer regularly throughout the day, feeling sad if there is no new news! I guess we don't want to miss a minute! It really sounds like everything is going quite well for our little miss though. We continue to be overjoyed for all of you, especially Oakley. Everyone here is doing great - just living the moments with you from the other side of the earth!
Love you!!!!
Lori & family

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm one of the obsessed ones too. I check the blog even when I KNOW it's 3 am in China -- just in case you have insomnia and decide to post. Your journaling is riveting. Don't worry about telling us background or small stuff - that's what makes it so REAl to us. Only one picture came through for me this morning but then the picture of the shoes suddenly appeared about the 15th time I read yesterday's blog. Oakley sounds like a sheer delight! For so many months she has been an abstract child for us - now she is sooo real. I can't wait to watch her grow and blossom with her new loving family. Keep those posts comng. You got serious addicts on your hands here at home!

Lisa P.

Jennifer said...

The kids and I run to the computer first thing in the morning... and I check again at night... JUST IN CASE. ;)
You all are doing so GREAT! It sounds like she is really doing wonderful...what a blessing. They really did a great job preparing her - and as smart as she sounds I'm sure she "gets" it all pretty well! (I know exactly what the floppy arm dance is...I still see that one from time to time.) She is a DOLL BABY and we are all so exited for your family!!! Use your hammock and save those arms...

We are saying many prayers for you all each day.

God Bless.
Thank Hanks Gang

Leslie said...

Jana, she is just the cutest little thing. I love her little face, and I also love her little arms. They are so sweet and loving, and I bet you love them wrapped around you!!! Sounds like everything is going just wonderfully, and your prayers that you prayed everyday have come to be. God has truly blessed you again with your fourth child. You have such a beautiful family Jana. I love your posts and pictures. Your doing a great job keeping us all informed.

Have a blessed day tomorrow,

Anonymous said...

GOOD MORNING CURD FAMILY!! All this still fells so out of body to me. I can`t believe that I am able to communicate with you when you are so far away, but I am so grateful that I can, because it sure makes it a lot easier to know every morning (first thing) that all is well with you and getting better every day. I printed off the picture of Oakley and Sawyer yesterday morning, and took it to church with me. There were a lot of aahh`s over it and all wanted to know when I could bring her to church so they could meet her.

This is such a bittersweet day for me. My heart is so full of love and happiness for you, but as you know, Shelby leaves for boot camp today for the journey of his life choice, and a part of my heart goes with him. He came by last night and stayed for about three hours. You would be proud of me, I held it together until he left, then I had a go to pieces. So I am on an emotional roller coaster today from the events of my first grandchild to my last.
Enough of that, stay safe, relish each moment, because when you get home, your journey really begins. We are all waiting and wearung our computers out by checking so often, or just looking and reading the old posts over and over.

With LOVE to you all, that reachs aroubd the world. Mom (Mamaw)

Karen Whitt said...


I am loving every post and picture. I must admit I have felt a little obsessed with your journey too!

I do not know if this will work for Oakley, but it did for Caeleigh,( in terms of the stroller.)I just could not keep carrying her. So in the middle of the day, when most rooms are empty in the hotel. I put her in the stroller, ( ok, I forced her)and I pushed her up and down the hall until she settled down. Now there were folks that came out of the room, wondering who was abusing this child. But I just kept it up until she finally accepted it. After that encounter I never had trouble with her refusing the stroller. The funny thing was that I was the only one who could push the stroller. She screamed as soon as Jeff would try to push, even if I would hold her hand.

You guys are just going to love having Oakley around. Having a two year old female in the house is allot of work, but I can not imagine life without Caeleigh. She brings such joy and laughter to our home. It looks like Oakley just fits in. Her smile says it all. Just remember, each passing day, brings healing. I see it daily.

I will continue to pray.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like things are going better than expected. She is too cute. Sounds like she is going to be a character. We all can't wait to meet her. I'm glad that they have worked with her and she recognizes you all. That will make the transition a little bit easier. Stay safe!

love ya
ronnie and donna

Jill G said...

Jana, I'm so glad I checked your site again this morning! Oh my, you can already see the change in Oakley! I thought she did remarkably well on her first day, so I wasn't expecting to see her looking even happier and more relaxed already!!

We are SO happy for you; thank you for sharing your journey with us!

leaving in THREE days!

Mommy-To-Channing said...

Ahhh.....Big brother Sawyer is doing a fabulous job with his sister!! I love the all the pictures. The picture of Oakley with mommy & daddy is too cute....her looking at you is so sweet!! I'm sure Oakley will give into the stroller real soon. Maybe try having her sit in it when your in the hotel room to watch TV or have a snack...good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll confess it too - I'm obsessed too! :) How fun to see Oakley bonding so well with her big brother and mommy and daddy too! What a blessing and an answer to many prayers!

I must say I am excited to hear how much the Nannies and director cares for their babies. The locket sounds amazing - what a treasured keepsake! It comforts my mommy heart as I wait for my babe.

Enjoy your day together!

Mommy to Li Fang (Katherine Grace)
Zhangzhou SWI, Fujian Province

Anonymous said...

We're so happy for you guys!!! Oakley is sooo beautiful! Thanks for the daily updates and the precious photos (we are checking your blog every day). Thanks for sharing this amazing experience with us!
Much love and prayers,
Joanna, David & Ashley

Meg said...

She is so beautiful! And sounds so smart!! I am so happy gor you guys!

Nicole said...

OMG, I'm sitting her sobbing. SOBBING! I can't believe she is finally in your arms. We were gone to the lake this weekend and I could not wait to get home and check. Darrah's hamster is out of the cage, that should keep us busy. I can't believe how emotional these pictures have made me. The one of her smiling with Sawyer reading just tore me up, and her in your arms. WOW WOW WOW! And reading about her....Oh Jana I just can't believe it. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Anonymous said...


I've been checking your blog everyday since you've been gone and I am so excited to see you with Oakley. What a blessing for your family and for Oakley. You all will continue to be in my prayers as you enjoy life TOGETHER!
Christy (Upbeat)

Joe Maher said...

You guys, this is amazing! I feel as though we are going through this with you. Thank you so much for sharing through the blog. I had a minute in between cases and wanted to see how you and Oakley are doing. I see all is well! I will continue to pray for all of you during this time of transition.

Anonymous said...

First of all....your baby girl is adorable! A-dor-a-ble! I am so excited for all of you! She seems to be in the right spot in this big ol world. She seems to be totally secure with her new family and ready to face the world! I believe someone once said that as long as you have someone to hold your hand as you cross the street, you are always safe! No truer words!

next...I too am checking your site at least 4 times a day. I can't wait for new posts. Through teary eyes, I have read and re-read your words of love and courage. I am so glad for this age of high tech!!! :D

and lastly, be safe! Stick together and ...introduce your new daughter to chocolates! peanut m&m's would be such a comfort food about right now, huh!

love and squeezes to all!
Leigh Reed

Hiler Family said...

Mom just gave me your blog address tonight!!! I'm sorry we did not know about it sooner so we could share your experiences as they happened, but we have had fun reading all of your posts and admiring all of your pictures. She is too cute!!! You must be so proud of her bravery. She belongs to a wonderful, loving family, and I know she will have no problems adjusting.
Ryan turned two in April and I saw that Oakley is also two. She sounds like she is a little character much like Ryan. I can't wait to see them play together.
Have fun on the rest of your trip...we will be thinking of you.
We can't wait to meet the newest member of the family. See you soon!

Rhonda, Tony, and Ryan

Jennifer said...

Hi Guys! I am laughing so hard...we are ALL checking the blog several times a day. I guess we think you should take a few pictures, post a few know 5 -10 times a day!!!! :) However, because there hasn't been anything new in the last 8 hours, I have been reading everyone's comments tonight. (Which makes it even more funny - since everyone else is doing the SAME THING!) In the meantime, I was so touched by Shelby writing to you all before going to boot camp - and it reminded me that he was leaving today. We will say a prayer for him as well. Well... I'm off to stalk another family's blog. ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

just checked in again for the 100th time and glad to read about the day. i was laughing thinking about the shoe ordeal and thinking about the years to come when the shoes are overflowing to match each outfit. how precious she is and how lucky to have the BEST mommy and daddy! Sawyer is radiating in the pictures with love and patience with his new sister. can not wait for the joining of hearts with sullivan and hagen. your family will be together and complete.

The Ferrill's said...

Oh Jana, she is just so beautiful, I can't say it enough! The last pic with her in your arms looking over your shoulder...priceless!
Thank you for that I'm back in civilization I will be addicted to your blog again!

Anonymous said...

ive read vyour story its lovely me and my daughter just said arrrrrrrrrrr all the way through we are praying for you all vicky england