Saturday, May 26, 2007

We're in Fuzhou!

We arrived this evening at 8:45, after a 2 1/2 flight from Beijing. Sawyer slept the ENTIRE way. I think he was exhausted because he climbed all the way to the top of the Great Wall this afternoon! Michael and I both wimped out (me before him), but Sawyer was determined. As I waited for them to come back down from the mountain I must have had my photo taken at least 10 times with various groups of people touring the wall. None of them spoke english, but they would just smile, take my arm and gather around while one of them took the photo. I can't imagine why they would want some stranger in their photos, but it was hysterical! It was an amazing view and we got some fantastic photos. Too bad I still can't upload any of them. I'm getting so frustrated -- it says it's uploading and it takes forever, then gives me an error message telling me to try again later. So, I'm not going to give up and I'll try again later. At least I can post now using English menu prompts. THANK YOU MARCY for taking the time to email us a solution!

We were scheduled to get Oakley tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm, but our guide notified us when she picked us up at the airport that we'll be going to the Civil Affairs office at 11am to get her. My stomach is doing flip flips knowing that we'll have her in less than 12 hours!! We're staying at the Lakeside Hotel and our room is beautiful. I can't wait to see the area in daylight. It gets dark here at about 6pm, so we didn't get to see much on the drive in from the airport.

This has been such an amazing experience so far and we've loved every minute. Alison, our guide today, took us on a tour of Tian An Men Square and the Forbidden City. This country is steeped in history and we were soaking it in.

I'll do my very best to try and get some photos posted. I know you are as anxious to see them as we are to share them.

Thanks to everyone for the comments -- it makes us feel close to home while we're so far away and we are overwhelmed by the support and well wishes. I hope I can get some sleep tonight but my mind is racing with the thoughts of Oakley. This will be her last night in the orphanage ... the only "home" she's ever known. Please pray for us tomorrow as she meets her forever family for the first time.

Love to you from Fuzhou!


Anonymous said...

It's working! I can see you all! How beautiful! Hooray - we'll get to see Gotcha Day!


Anonymous said...

Jana, you guys are looking good.
The pictures are great!
Can't wait to see the one with
you holding Oakley.
Blessings to all!
Yvonne Grigsby

Karen Whitt said...

How wonderful to see you with Alison.

We are so excited! This is so fun watching you experience your dream. We are watching with great anticipation.

We are praying for that sweet, sweet girl and her forever family.

Tell her Caeleigh still loves her and she gets excited whenever she sees her on the computer.

Karen and Jeff

Marla said...

Yay! The pictures are working! It's almost 4pm here and that means that you will have Oakley in only 7 hours. I can barely wait to see her in your arms! Sullivan is great by the way, always busy playing one thing or another. He's a funny kid and seems to be very much enjoying himself. I asked him if he wanted to type a comment and he said, "No thanks, I have nothing to say." He cracks me up. Love you guys!!


Anonymous said...

Jana, my stomach just did flip-flops with you! I am so happy for you and so excited! And most definately praying for precious Oakley tomorrow as she has quite a day ahead of her.

Praying for you all!
Mommy to Li Fang (Katherine Grace)
*Give my baby girl a kiss for me, Jana! Tell her we're coming soon!

jennifer mccoy said...

Hi Jana,
My heart almost came out when I saw your post that you are in Fuzhou. I feel like I am back there with you!! Only a few short hours and Oakley will be in your arms. It'll be like nothing you've EVER experienced!! It's the BEST. I pray for you all especially for sweet Oakley who's life is going to be changed

Marin YouXing's (Fuzhou a.8-28-06)mommy

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Can you believe you are really there? I know you are so excited!!!! I can't wait to see the post after you get Oakley and read the comments about how you felt. I remember traveling with Melissa by computer and how emotional it all was. Our thoughts are with you guys - stay safe and bring Oakley home!!!!

donna & ronnie

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!!! You are finally there - how exciting!!!!!. I know you can't wait for the next few hours to pass. I can remember how emotional gotcha day was for Melissa. I still get goose bumps when I think about it. Can't wait to see the next pictures you post. Stay safe and give Oakley a hug for us.

Anxiously waiting,
donna & ronnie

Jennifer said...

HOORAY! We have photos now! It's so exciting to see you guys THERE!!! I hope you are able to enjoy the experience. (Even the fungus and the squid...) :)
We are praying such special prayers tonight for you as it is only hours away from your gotcha moment! Prayers for you all - as well as for Miss Oakley! She is going to be in for the ride of her life!!!

Love to all-
The Hanks Gang

PS - I told Ali and Rachel that you get Oakley tomorrow... and they said - "Oh good, so she'll be in the office on Monday????" They are READY....

Anonymous said...

You all look fantastic! I thought about you on and off all day and could barely wait to get home to see if you had posted again. You've all been in my prayers for weeks and will continue to be. Just a few more hours until you have your daughter!

Love, Lisa P.

Anonymous said...

I just had to get on your blog and see how things are going! You've been in my thoughts and prayers. What an amazing moment in your lives and in Oakley's! Looking forward to meeting her.

Take Care,

Christy M.(Upbeat)

Anonymous said...

I am reading everyday!!! Glad to see you have pictures and that you can share with us. We are prying fo you and your GOTCHA day tomorrow!!!

Michele Large

Marcy said...

You should have Oakley in your arms by now and I pray that she is doing great! I am so excited for you guys! We should be arriving in Guangzhou Saturday night...I'll be looking for Oakley and her family!


Leslie said...

Hi Curd family,

I'm so excited for you and your photos are so great. It's time now that you should be getting your baby girl. I'm hoping, it's 11:30pm here in Ky. Larry and I just prayed for your union with Oakley, and we can't wait to see you guys with her.

Hoping to see pictures when we wake up tomorrow.


sherry said...

Mike and Jana

Amazing that you have finally arrived in Fuzhou and now have Oakley. I have stayed at the hotel you are in in Fuzhou and know that you are having an eye opening experience in a country that is dear to my heart. We look forward to sharing this adoption experience with you - sophia keeps looking at the pictures and saying "G"...she thinks Oakley is Gregory. Hopefully they will have a special bond. See you soon.