Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Touring Fuzhou

Isabel, our trusty guide, picked us up at 9:30 this morning and we headed to the zoo. I have mixed feelings about zoos in general, but the conditions here were really sad. I don't want to say too much, but let it suffice that we all left feeling pretty depressed. Sawyer noted that Hagan would not have been able to take it -- he's got such a tender heart where animals are concerned, and we're glad he wasn't there to witness the things we saw.

On the upside, we did see a really great seal show that we all really enjoyed. Oakley was in a fantastic mood and she was content to walk hand-in-hand most of the day. She was such a trooper, despite the 90 degree temperature and high humidity.

She wanted to carry her backpack today and she calls it Be Bo. It's now her new favorite obsession. She loves anything that it is her own and she packs it as full as she can with all of her toys, her sippy cup, her books, her photo album and her baby. She had it so full this afternoon that she could barely walk without falling over backward. She loves to get things in and out of it and she always knows exactly what's in it and what's missing.

After the zoo we toured a Buddhist Temple, built in 867. The grounds were breathtaking and we were in awe of the architecture. I think this was Sawyer's favorite tour thus far. We walked through the oldest temple in the world; it was huge, housing 5,000 monks at one time. It was so peaceful and serene. Their were many people there worshipping Buddha and although I respect their beliefs, I walked through the grounds thanking God for his blessings: for the little girl walking beside me, for Michael and Sawyer for experiencing this journey with me; for my boys at home waiting patiently for us to return with their little sister, and for my family and friends who have been cheering us on every step of the way.

When playing in the hotel room, Oakley puts all of her things away on the little counter we've set aside for her belongings. She stacks her books, sits her bear up, stacks her movies, and has a special spot for her Cheerios container (which she loves), her radio and her coloring book and crayons. She's a neat freak - YEAHHHH!! I realize this may be short-lived, but while living in such tight quarters, it's been quite a treat.

She also loves to have a hair barrette in her hair, although at present, only the alligator clip kind will stay in. She missed her nap this afternoon and she was so tired this evening that she kind of shut down on us. She had her little ladybug nightgown on and insisted on wearing her shoes, her backpack and her barrette, and she walked around in a daze carrying her sippy cup. She was a sight!

Mike and Sawyer took a taxi to McDonald's (yes, we were ready for some western fare -- what a relief to know what we were eating) to pick-up dinner. I kept her awake until I could get her fed and she about fell asleep standing up. After dinner we turned the lights down and she fell asleep in my arms (not a good habit, I know) in just a matter of minutes. I feel like she deserves the chance to fall asleep in her Mama's arms and I love watching her drift off to sleep.

God has certainly answered our prayers and we are already beginning to see a different look in this beautiful baby girl's eyes. I wish she could know how much we love and cherish her. I am so very thankful that God opened her heart to us and that she is letting us shower her with kisses, hugs and attention. Sometimes I look at her and just can't believe that she is ours -- what a precious gift!

Hagan and Sullivan:

Don't let everyone know, but although your little sister is great, she does have some bad habits that we are working on. She will blow her nose whether or not you have a tissue ready -- yuck! She will also spit food out if she doesn't like it or if she sees something else that she'd rather have. And yesterday, while sitting on the potty, she leaned over and spit on the floor!! We have taught her to cover her mouth when she coughs (most of the time), and we'll work on the other things. Today I let go of her hand so Dad could take a picture of me and Sawyer in front of a huge temple and she got so angry that she threw her backpack on the ground! She does have a little temper, but I guess we all do at times. And I'm sure she's still trying to figure everything out. For the most part she is sweet, loving, and REALLY funny!! She loves to act like she's scared of her teddy bear of little stuffed dog and she'll back away saying something in Chinese, and then laugh and laugh. She's going to love having two more brothers to play with!

we love you!!

Mom and Dad


Anonymous said...

Oh Joy - Oh Rapture ----two postings in one day. What a fantastic way to start the day.

Lisa P.

Francie said...

Jana, her little face seems to glow more in every picture you post! You can just look at her and see she knows she is where she is meant to be. She really is beautiful! I am so glad things are going so well. Thank you so much for sharing the journey with us all through your blog! Can't wait to see what she does tomorrow :)

Jennifer said...

YOU ARE RIGHT. Hold that baby all you can... she needs it whether she knows it or not... and I'm sure it's good for Mama, too. :)

What a blessing. I love seeing your story unfold, because you can see the changes so much in her each day. I knew her eyes would begin to light up - and I have a sneaking suspicion that she will give Sullivan a run for his money on being silly.

God is so good... and I am so happy for your family.

Enjoy...it will be over before you know it!

Kathy Shanklin said...


I have been following your blog like everyone else and anxiously waiting for each new update. To follow your journey has been an amazing experience. Oakley is beautiful and has been perfectly created just for the Curd Family. I can't wait to hear more when you return, but till then I will wait for each new update. I'm continuing to lift the whole family up in prayers. It is so exciting to see all the prayers answered before our very eyes. Love and God Bless..

Kathy Shanklin

Joe Maher said...

She is gorgeous! When I saw the picture with the clip in her hair and the HUGE smile on her face, it brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing...for her and you. God is AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

Dear far away family,
Finally I think i will be able to comment without bawling, But don`t count on it when I see you again. This child is like a flower garden, there is a new and exciting bloom every day. Reading your post everyday is helping us all to know her and her personality, so that will help us to know better how to approach her when we get the go ahead to do so. I CAN HARDLY WAIT FOR THAT DAY.
Tomorrow I will be spending the better part of the day at Western Elementary. I am excited about that as I need a Curd hug. I know I probably not get one from Sullivan (until he comes to stay with me Thursday) but I know I`ll get one from Hagan as soon as I see him.You would be surprised how much these posts make your being so far away easier to bear. I will never again say that we have to much technology in our lives.

Signing off now with MUCH LOVE to each of you, Mom

P.S. Isabel looks like she might like to cme home with you Sawyer.

kristy said...

Jana, your posts bring tears of joy to my eyes. I am so very happy for all of you. Oakley is beautiful! And I am so enjoying all the new photos! Can't wait to meet her. Continue to be safe in your travels and know you all are in my thoughts and prayers!

peace and love,
kristy maggard

Anonymous said...

Oakley is showing some sparkle in her eyes! Oh my goodness - what a change in that little face! So peaceful - and loved. It truly is amazing to see her blossom under your care. I can only imagine all that you are seeing and savoring as she opens her heart to you three.

Rejoicing with you today in God's blessings!

Mommy to Li Fang (Katherine Grace)
Still waiting for that TA (Jana, this part is SO hard!)

Anonymous said...

"Every good and perfect gift is from above!" Congratulations! I am rejoicing with you! The day I saw Oakley at the orphanage she touched my heart. It has filled my heart with joy that God has led her to your family. What a beautiful gift she is! It has brought tears to my eyes to see little Oakley in your arms. God is so good! Oakley is beautiful and it is wonderful to see her beautiful smile! I pray your time in China is special and Oakley will continue to blossom in your love. Please give her a kiss from Esther.

sending our love and prayers, Esther and the Strand family

Judy Gettelfinger said...

Mike and Jana,
Lorraine gave me the blog, which is very addicting I might add.
I must say that I would love to see a picture of Daddy with his little girl. She seems so very precious. I am so happy for you guys.
Many blessings,
judy g.

sherry said...

Oh Jana! It REALLY looks as if Oakley is changing each day in her photots! I remember that it just seemed like Olivia became more and more her "true" self with each passsing hour! It is amazing what love can do...
Sherry Richardson and family

Nicole said...

I agree LOVE is amazing! God certainly prepared her heart for yours, and we knew your heart was prepared for her. This is so awesome. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is too cute! I can't get over how cute she is! Hope to see you soon!
Love you and take care!
Emily your god daughter! <3<3<3<3<3

Penny said...

I just read all of your postings from China! I have been thinking of you all every day and saying a little prayer. Oakley is such a lucky little girl to have you all as her family! I am so glad that everything is going so well. Can't wait to see you and Oakley!